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North East housing association, Believe Housing, says communication has vastly improved thanks to clixifix®


Jun 29, 2022

As one of the largest housing associations in the North East of England, Believe Housing relies on strong communication. Defect and repair resolution software specialists clixifix® have been working closely with them to improve their workflow and communication.

Due to the positive impact of clixifix®, Believe Housing recommends that other businesses should integrate those functionalities into their communication.

For more information on Believe Housing please visit their website.

Believe Housing’s Development Project Support, Maureen Haley explains the impact clixifix® has had on their processes: “Before we started working with clixifix®, queries and defect issues from customers were coming to the team via emails, which was causing delays in raising tickets for contractors. Once we started working with the team at clixifix® our working process became much more efficient.”

“Communication with tenants and contractors has vastly improved which has helped with KPI’s. Contractors respond much more efficiently to the tickets raised and jobs are completed more quickly.”

Maureen explains that the Believe Housing team found the most effective features to be running reports for KPI’s, raising tickets, creating inspection lists. She also says that before they started using clixifix® it was impossible to compile reports.

Being able to resolve and deal with issues immediately has meant that there has been a decrease in the number of complaints.

Working with clixifix®

Maureen praises the clixifix® team for the high level of customer service, “The team had lots of support from clixifix®, thanks to videos and Teams meetings. With more advice we will of course learn more about the reporting capabilities of clixifix®.”

She continues to say, “They were excellent. They have answered all our queries and provided support when needed.”

Another area that was dramatically improved by clixifix® was the ability to report on outstanding tickets and contractors.

Maureen says: ‘It is much easier using clixifix®. We run a report weekly of outstanding tickets and pass it to the contractor for them to respond. I like how the dashboard shows how the contractor is performing which we can share with them.”