Leading furniture and flooring specialist ScS believes romance isn’t dead, reporting that sales of its snuggle chairs reached their peak in January this year.

What’s more, the North East appears to be the most snuggle-friendly region with the ScS Metro and Stockton stores taking the top spots for love seat sales.

Ruth Langford and Eamonn Holmes have recently proclaimed that the secret to their happy 20-year marriage is sitting down to watch TV in separate chairs and rooms. However, cuddles in front of the TV with a loved one appears to be one of the nation’s favourite past times.

Lindsey Duncton, Marketing Manager at ScS said: “There is no simple answer to guarantee a happy marriage, however our data has revealed that we still love to snuggle up on the sofa, especially in the North East.

“ScS has over 100 years of knowledge and experience and while we can’t offer you relationship advice, we can tell you which are the best sofas to cuddle up on.”