A North East-based PR agency specialising in brand licensing for clients across the UK and beyond, operating in the lifestyle, leisure and entertainment sectors, is lending its support to IFL Science in the launch of its latest global campaign.

To coincide with Earth Month, Filament PR will be working with IFL Science on a consumer outreach programme in both the UK and US, around the retail activation of a suite of exclusive slogan tees, as part of the brand’s ‘Stand for Science’ campaign – a movement embracing the truth about current affairs, the impact of Global Warming, and a commitment to a healthy and sustainable world.

Tracey McCay, merchandise manager at IFL Science, explained: “There’s been a lot in the media recently about alternative facts in a bid to bury the scientifically proven truth about a number of environmental issues.  While IFL Science is all about the lighter side of things, engaging our Facebook audience of over 25 million people, the truth remains that you can’t deny the facts presented by science.

“Our campaign is all about speaking up against the alternative facts and truth-deniers, coming together to stand as one for the issues we believe in, and that matter most to us and our society.  I’m delighted Filament PR is supporting us on this campaign.  We’re all standing for science together.”

Anne-Marie Lacey, PR and Communications Director at the Filament PR, added: “Being in the business of the media, we’re all too aware of the growing phenomenon that is fake news.  For too long, public relations has been seen as spin doctoring; promoting these alternative facts in order to purposefully mislead the public in favour of an organisation’s or individual’s own agenda.

“It’s our duty as communications professionals to build relationships with our clients’ audiences based on integrity, transparency and most importantly, the truth.  That’s why we’re super pleased to be involved in this campaign, lending our expertise to IFL Science in taking a stand against these intentional inaccuracies, while waiving our fee to support the brand’s charitable aims.”

All profits from the sales of the t-shirts will be donated to a charity related to science, sustainability and the future of our planet.  Facebook fans of IFL Science are being asked to provide suggestions for charities meeting this criteria that they would like to see receive the funds.  The four charities receiving the most recommendations will then be put to a public vote on Facebook, with people being asked to select the final recipient of the profits.

“The decision to donate our profits to charity is to make a statement about Earth Month”, Tracey concluded. “Some things are bigger than money and what could be more important than standing together to be counted as one on Global Warming and the scientific evidence surrounding the environmental issues that the world faces today?  By opening it up to a public vote and asking people to decide which relevant charity they would like to see the profits from this campaign go to, together with Filament PR, we’re hoping to engage even more people and encourage them to make a commitment to a healthy and sustainable world, while clearly sending the message that science does indeed trump alternative facts.”

Each tee is emblazoned with one of three slogans; either ‘We f*ucking stand for science’, ‘Science f*cking trumps alternative facts’ or ‘Alternative fact denier’, bringing a tongue-in-cheek approach to the very serious undertones of the campaign, while encompassing the lighter side of science for which the brand has become known.

IFL Science’s ‘Stand for Science’ tees are available to purchase online from the US e-tailer, Represent. Prices start from $24.99 excluding P&P.  Orders placed online can also be shipped to the UK for an additional fee

For more information about Filament PR, visit: www.filamentpr.co.uk.