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North East Radio Communications Specialist Launches First of its Kind Digital Solution


Oct 21, 2017 #Business

The North East’s leading two-way communications specialists – Eemits Communications – is the first company in the region to introduce a flexible modular service platform that has already significantly enhanced its customers operational efficiency and productivity, whilst also increasing worker safety.

Known by the Middlesbrough based company as ‘The Daddy of All Systems’ the intelligent modular service platform – TRBOCALL – brings two-way radio communication into the digital age with a unique combination of hardware and bespoke software applications combined with digital features.   

The solution is designed to streamline day to day operations of companies within the manufacturing, utilities, petrochemical and public sectors, and can be tailored to suit individual business needs.

Renowned in the region for providing ultra-smart two-way radio solutions for over 30 years, the company has recently invested heavily in its infrastructure to guarantee its customers will receive uninterrupted communications, and at all times.

Speaking about TRBOCALL, Dr Craig Matthews at Eemits Communications said: “As an innovative and evolving company, it was very important for us to introduce not only the latest technology to our clients, but also embrace the disruptive cloud technology that is now available. As far as we are aware, this has never been used with two-way radio communications, as such offering an unrivalled network solution to our customers.

“For us, the network is just as important as the robustness of the hardware, particularly when used in potentially hazardous environments. As such, investment in installing a fool-proof network – where no single failure can bring the system down – means that our customers have full peace of mind with maximum coverage.

“And what’s more is that, through the adoption of our cloud based network, our customers no longer incur hefty costs for OFCOM licensing fees meaning significant savings can be made.”

Independently connected using IP architecture, Eemits Communications currently manages its network from five hill top radio transmitter sites across the region. With built-in diagnostics, combined with many layers of redundancy, the company can guarantee an uninterrupted service.

TRBOCALL boasts a range of sophisticated software applications including a man down function, which triggers an emergency alert if a worker with a radio was to fall over or when a radio remains still for a period of time, together with lone worker function designed for workers operating in isolated environments, where their whereabouts can be monitored at all times. Other features include location tracking, intelligent audio, text messaging and work order ticketing.

Craig said: “Each software feature has several benefits and can be applied across a range of applications in different industries. As such, we offer essentially a build your own system, which means our customers can choose the right application suitable for their business and which will help them enhance their operational efficiencies whilst increasing productivity and safety.”

Customers who have already invested in the innovative TRBOCALL system include Chemoxy International Ltd, Falck Fire Services UK and Northumbrian Water.  

Established in 1986, Eemits Communications operates from its headquarters at Riverside Park, Middlesbrough. The company boasts an impressive client portfolio including EDF Energy Nuclear, Lucite International, CF Fertilisers and Go Ahead Group.

By Emily