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North East security expert in warning to business owners

18831A highly decorated international security and risk management specialist, based in the North East, has issued a warning to business owners, after a recent survey demonstrated that the vast majority of corporate risk managers failed to recognise the importance of addressing security risks.

Andy Davis, managing director of Trident Manor, who possesses more than 25 years’ global security experience, including protecting notable UK political figures, has slammed the oversight of bosses following a recent survey by insurance provider Clements Worldwide, regarding security risks.

22% of the risk managers questioned in the Clements Worldwide Risk Index cited terrorism as their main concern, which although doubled from the previous year, is still a very small number, and only 16% would be prepared to address the concerns.

The research, which surveyed 420 organisations from a number of different sectors, including oil and gas, logistics and global humanitarian aid, also highlighted the gap between risk concerns and losses and the capabilities to manage them.

Mr Davis said: “While the results have improved from the previous year, the oversight from risk managers is still very worrying. Given the recent attacks, particularly in Europe and the UK, risk management should be at the forefront of every business decision – whether it is cyber security, terrorism or protecting assets from potential thefts.

“It is also a major concern that the research highlighted the lack of capabilities to deal with security risks, as they can occur anywhere, so it is vitally important that individuals and business leaders are aware of the potential threats to their assets and workforce, particularly when working abroad or outside of their usual work environment.”

Based in Newton Aycliffe, Trident Manor works with global clients to identify, reduce and manage the security and crisis management risks that they face whether in the UK or internationally.

Andy added: “Sadly, there are always going to be certain risks to businesses – whether it is a multinational corporation or regional company – that need to be addressed and managed correctly. We help clients understand the real risks that exist and develop strategies and procedures to minimise these life or business threatening events.”


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