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Oscar-nominated BORDER / on DVD & Blu-ray 15 July 2019


The unique and eye-opening Oscar-nominated and Cannes Un Certain Regard top-prize winner BORDER will be released on UK DVD & Blu ray by MUBI on 15 July 2019. Pre-order the film here:

BORDER features an astonishing central performance from Eva Melander (Flocking), as a woman out of place in society, and strong support from Eero Milonoff (The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki) as the source of her fascination – with both actors undergoing incredible physical transformations for the roles.

Directed by Iranian-Danish filmmaker Ali Abbasi, co-written by Isabella Eklöf (dir. Holiday) and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN author John Ajvide Lindqvist on whose story this film is also based,BORDER brilliantly mixes romance, noir, social realism and supernatural horror to a bold and surprising effect.

Customs officer Tina (Eva Melander) is known for her extraordinary sense of smell. It’s almost  as if she can sniff out the guilt on anyone hiding something. But when Vore (Eero Milonoff), a suspicious-looking man walks past her, her abilities are challenged for the first time ever. Tina can sense Vore is hiding something she can’t identify. Even worse, she feels a strange attraction to him.

BORDER is a dark fairytale like no other, an alternative date-movie to savour and a film marked out to be a future cult classic.

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Cert: 15

DVD Run time: 106 min | Blu-ray Run Time: 110 min


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