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Our Top 3 Favorite Coffee Makers

ByDave Stopher

Jun 16, 2020

If you’re a coffee-fanatic, then you’re probably always looking for new ways to get your caffeine fix. Vanilla latte, red-eye, iced frappe. There’s a wide variety of different options out there for you to get your coffee. However, sometimes nothing beats just having a simple cup of coffee at home. Depending on the flavor profile that you enjoy though, you might want to try out different kinds of coffee beans and coffee machines.

Check out a couple of our favorite ways to fix a good ole’ cup of Joe below.

French Press

With the french press brewing method, you’ll set your coffee grinds into the middle of the canister, and you’ll have to press the coffee grinds down. Most experts suggest that you wait until that morning (or afternoon depending on when you’re getting your coffee fix) to grind your coffee beans. This way they will remain as fresh as possible.

Once you’ve grinded up your beans, you’ll boil your water and add it to the canister.  From there the brewing time normally takes about 4 minutes, but depending on your own preferences you can adjust this time period.

Many people enjoy drinking coffee from the french press brewing method because the coffee has a full bodied flavor and it has a lot of taste to it. Since you’ll be using a metal filter, more of the oils can make it into your final cup, leaving you with a lot of flavor.

Pour Over

With this method, you’ll be using a paper filter. Essentially you’ll be setting up a cup or jar under the filter to collect the brewed coffee. You’ll have to boil the water on your own and you’ll add the amount of grinds that you want to the filter. You’ll slowly pour the hot water into the filter and the water will then drain through to the jar below.

You’ll continue this process until you have the amount of coffee that you want! Be sure to add enough grinds to the filter so that your coffee will have enough flavor in it. Some people prefer this brewing method because more of the coffee grind’s oils are collected in the paper filter which can have less of an after taste than the french press method.

Pro tip: Heat the water to a hotter temperature than what you want to drink it at so your coffee will be at the desired temperature when you finally pour it into your coffee mug.

Filtered Coffee Pot

Last, but by no means least, is the regular filter coffee pot. This brewing method is best for people who need to get ready quickly in the morning, want to put the grinds in their pot, press a button and be on their way.

While not considered by many to be an “expert” brewing method, you can still get a great cup of coffee from your coffee pot, especially if you use high-quality beans.