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Outdoor Patios & Covers

Having a nicely decorated exterior surely will put a different vibe onto the entire appearance of your backyard. If you already have free space in your backyard or even a front yard, then you should use it to create the most comfortable and pleasant place, where you can spend time with friends and family. Creating a patio requires a special type of help, which is often provided by companies that offer full service. And what is considered a full service? Full service includes custom-made proposals for the benefit of the client.


RKC Construction offers a wide variety of services that will emphasize the experience you get when you enter your patio. Sort to speak, we have two types of scenarios. The first case scenario is when you already own a patio, but you want to reconstruct it. The second case scenario is building a patio from the ground. And it all starts with the base, which requires special flooring service. Offer includes building patio covers, sunrooms, or liferooms. However, each of these categories has a subcategory, which we will explain in the rest of the article.

Building patio covers is the most requested service. Simple patio covers are made of aluminum and these covers can stand alone, or they can be implemented into the roof. For instance, commercial lots that have solid terrain could benefit from free standing patio covers. This can be a place where visitors come to sit and relax and hide from the sun. However, lattice and solid patio covers are perfect for private lots.

Sunrooms are exactly what you think they might be. The entire point of the sunroom is to have wide windows that go across the walls. The room is surrounded by a set of windows. The entrance to the sunroom is in your home, but still, this room is exposed to the sunlight during the day. This way, you have a feeling like you are outside, and yet you are in your cozy room. The entire aspect of this type of construction is amazing, and it gives special pleasure to those who are chilling in this room.

RKC Construction will carefully form a team of experts that will include you in every step of the project. Also, thanks to 3D technology, clients have the opportunity to see the ending result virtually, which is amazing!

And the last thing is liferoom. Liferooms are not just simple terraces where you place a bench, two chairs and a table. This type of construction is great if you just want to transform the outside area that is closest to your living room into a chill place. We extend the roof, and then we add pillars that will withstand the patio covers. Usually, liferooms can be fenced, which gives a unique sense of privacy. We can use concrete for the floor, or we can use hardwood flooring if it suits the aesthetic of the place. The last thing is decorating the outdoor patio, which we hope you will enjoy doing.

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