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With spooky season well and truly upon us, there is no better time to cosy up with a movie to watch villains wreak fictional terror. But from Palpatine to Pinhead, which movie villain is truly the most dangerous?

Film enthusiasts at CasinoTop3 analysed kill count, intelligence, strength, speed, durability, power AND combat to determine the overall danger score, revealing which movie villain poses the biggest threat.

The most dangerous movie villains

Ranking Villain Movie/ Franchise Kill Count Intelligence /100 Power /100 Combat /100 Overall danger score
1 Palpatine Star Wars 874 72.5 92.5 75 8.5
2 Darth Vader Star Wars 287 85 85 100 8.2
3 Sauron Lord of the Rings 32 100 95 65 7.7
4 Pennywise It 10 87.5 100 62.5 7.4
=5 Agent Smith The Matrix 7 95 90 100 6.6
=5 Pinhead Hellraiser 321 67.5 77.5 47.5 6.6
7 Kylo Ren Star Wars 81 67.5 70 80 6.4
8 Boba Fett Star Wars 178 70 32.5 90 5.8
9 Lord Voldemort Harry Potter 44 75 60 55 5.7
10 Ra’s Al Ghul Batman 18 90 28 100 5.2

1st – Palpatine

With a huge kill count of 874, it is no surprise that the infamous Star Wars villain Palpatine ranks as the number one most dangerous movie villain. Also known as The Emperor or Darth Sidious, this villain has become a symbol of evil among Star Wars fans, and pop culture as a whole. 

2nd – Darth Vader

Another Star Wars supervillain, Darth Vader, takes second place in the most dangerous villain rankings, with a combat score of 100/100. Though his kill count of 287 doesn’t match that of Palpatine, Darth Vader remains one of the most iconic, loved, and dangerous villains of all time.

3rd – Sauron

Next in the rankings is another iconic villain: Sauron, the primary antagonist of The Lord of the Rings series. Sauron’s otherworldly intelligence and unrestrained power make him a scarily dangerous force, even when he did not possess the ring.

4th – Pennywise

Ranking as the fourth most dangerous villain is the hair-raising Pennywise of the horror novel and film It. This monster’s ability to shapeshift and manipulate reality makes him incredibly dangerous, and gives him a perfect score across the categories of strength, speed, durability, and power.

=5th – Agent Smith

Next in the rankings is a villain who takes a less scary form at first glance: Agent Smith of The Matrix franchise. Though he may not appear as terrifying on the surface, Smith’s ability to bend the rules of the matrix gives him superhuman capabilities and makes him a highly dangerous force.

=5th – Pinhead

Also coming in fifth, is a figure who may be the first to come to mind for many when thinking of a terrifying villain: Pinhead of the Hellraiser franchise. Also known as the Hell Priest, this villain’s kill count of 321 proves just how dangerous he is.