So, you’re in the mood for pizza, and your friend doesn’t eat gluten. No problem. Your local Papa John’s and Pizza Hut restaurants both do the best gluten free pizza delivery. However, which company has the overall edge? You eat gluten, and you want something different from your friend’s pizza. Never fear. This post breaks down which place is better.

They’re Both Pretty Great, but Papa John’s Wins

OK, a disclaimer: Both restaurants are pretty darned good. You, of course, know this, hence the dilemma. That said, Papa John’s does edge out Pizza Hut. Here’s why.

Variety of Pizzas

Papa John’s has a nicer variety of pizza than Pizza Hut does. With Pizzeria Advertising ideas from Papa John’s, your friend can enjoy the gluten-free crust with ancient grains. Meanwhile, the general fare includes pizza with traditional toppings as well pizzas such as The Works, Meatball Pepperoni, Super Hawaiian, Spinach Alfredo, Tropical Luau and much more. You can even get Mexican pizza.


Papa John’s tastes fresher and more flavorful than Pizza Hut does. The variety of pizzas also means that your taste buds may never get tired. However, Pizza Hut’s fare is still delicious.


The restaurants come up even as far as pricing. Both offer plenty of specials, and Pizza Hut has a budget lineup that starts at $5 and goes up to $7 per item. You can choose among P’Zones, pasta, medium one-topping pizzas, wings, breadsticks and desserts. These deals are especially good if you already wanted one of these items. Meanwhile, both restaurants offer specials. Depending on the special, one deal could be better than the other. Given Papa John’s better taste and variety, though, it wins if the deals are similar enough.

Both Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have loyalty programs for discounts and free pizza.

Ease of Ordering and Ease of Delivery

Here’s another tie. In general, both restaurants should deliver within 30 minutes of your order being submitted. It’s easy to order online, and both places feature delivery tracking.

Non-Pizza Dishes

Pizza Hut does slightly beat Papa John’s in this category. Papa John’s selections are great, no doubt. For example, type, “BBQ chicken wings near me,” and you’ll see that Papa John’s wings feature a thick and bold BBQ sauce, and you can choose from several delicious dipping sauces. There are also plenty of breadsticks, cheese sticks and desserts on offer.

However, Pizza Hut does make pasta as well as P’Zones (pizza goodness inside a folded crust). Its bread sides are pretty good, too. On the other hand, you’re here for the pizza, so this category carries less weight than the others.

It really is a close contest between Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. If nothing else, your friend may have a strong opinion about which gluten-free pie they prefer. Each restaurant’s gluten-free pizzas taste different, and some folks love them both. Some have a strong preference for only one restaurant’s offering.

An idea: If one of you wants Pizza Hut and the other wants Papa John’s, get both. Why not? After all, the ordering and delivery process is easy, and you’re getting separate pizzas anyway. Have fun!