It is a harsh fact that most of the content we read everywhere is paraphrased. The society has been carrying out the manual paraphrasing for centuries. Nevertheless, a rise in the trend of people’s dependence on technology is being shown in modern times. According to a report, best paraphrasing online tools are being sought by more than 35% of the people throughout the world every single minute. Moreover, the tendency to paraphrase the assignments with the help of online tools is constantly increasing leading to the plagiarism across the UK universities and is constantly growing since it is an easy path towards the accomplishment of your assignments.

Increasing Trend in the UK

There is an increasing trend of online paraphrasing of assignments across the world in general and across the UK in particular. According to various surveys and numerous reports, there could be multiple reasons why rephrasing assignments online are becoming a trend now for students in the UK. The most important causes amongst many are: too much workload assigned to students undertaking bachelor’s or master’s degree across the UK, establishment of paraphrasing tools and online work agencies that provide services on nominal rates to the students, non-native students (whose mother languages are not English) and giving more time to part-time employment in order to earn some livelihood to sustain the state of affairs in the UK.

Academic Dishonesty

The academic dishonesty like plagiarism and cheating is being carried out by students. The motive behind this phenomenon is often to get good grades in less time. Without any cost and expenditures, the prevalent use of the internet and mobile gadgets have enabled students to unlawfully access the information and they subsequently utilize it without knowing the consequences of plagiarism. Therefore, it is important that students must be guided about these offenses and be encouraged to keep themselves away from such sort of activities.

In the UK, the academic authorities are capturing the students involved in cheating and plagiarism, which is on the rise day by day. The electronic communication through handheld and other popular devices is one of the key reasons behind this ever-growing trend since their usage makes it even easier for students to get and disseminate the information and data irrespective of time and space. During the course of action, legitimacy is a key factor which is overlooked by students as their prime and only concern is to pass the course with excellent grades and become prominent among their colleagues.


Copying the online content and cheating is not a new observable fact in the academic domain. Other reasons resulting in this growing online trend may encompass websites that assist plagiarism, few consequences or/and punishments besides the lack of understanding of plagiarism and pressure for high academic grades. In a sentence, students want to pass the courses with fewer efforts especially those whose mother language is not English – foreign students are they are not good in English and want to use rephrasing or paraphrasing websites to pass their courses with good grades. 


To conclude, reasons for online rephrasing of assignments in the UK are: high family expectations, the pressure to succeed, external work commitments, the significance of excellent grades, fear of future career damage, heavy course loads, the limited time students have to complete assignments and competition with other students.

A number of research studies have analyzed factors contributing to the tendency of online rephrasing the assignments. These factors can be classified into three categories: Demographic Factors, Technological and Societal Factors, and Situational Factors. In addition, the use of the internet for assignment completion was found to be strongly positively associated with plagiarism.