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Pattinson Auction Seeks to Expand Reach by Partnering with Agents

pattinson largeLeading auction house Pattinson Auction is actively partnering with agents across the country to access wider markets and help more people find their ideal home.

There are several great benefits of being a Pattinson Auction Partner Agent, including generous auction fees, listings boosts and increases in sales and revenue. Building on its success with its North East branches, Pattinson is now actively strengthening links with Preston, Doncaster and Leicester, to increase house prices and revenues.

Partnering with Pattinson Auction gives agents a more streamlined approach to selling houses: they provide a personalised login area to manage referrals, sales and viewings, and complete all the paperwork for the agent.

Most auction sales are completed with 28 days, meaning quick returns for agents. Pattinsons offers 2.5% commission on each sale, an average of £2,500 + VAT per sale, and it’s free to sign up as an agent. The more properties an agent is able to contribute to each auction, the more fees they can earn.

For the seller, they can be reassured by the knowledge that Pattinson collects a non- refundable reservation fee from the buyer, and can help to ensure the highest sale price possible. In some cases, the agent can also offer the option to sell for free at auction.

Pattinson Auction has already done a lot of work to develop a large and successful Partner Agent Network, giving vendors access to agents with the best knowledge of the local area and greatly increasing the chance of the property selling.

Pattinsons has a dual approach to selling properties at auction. Their online auction service is extremely popular, as interested parties are able to browse upcoming properties, see the starting price and also bid themselves. They also hold traditional auctions every month, hosting these at a range of venues across the country and giving potential buyers the opportunity to drop in and see what’s on offer.

Pattinson Auction has over 20 years’ experience of selling homes and commercial properties, and is part of Pattinson Estate Agents, which was founded in the North East in 1977. Since its expansion into the rest of the UK it has had thousands of satisfied customers, both buyers and sellers.

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