The digital pharmacy, medino, has seen sales of hand sanitiser rise by 1044% in February when compared to the preceding three month period of November to the end of January across the whole of the UK.

Pharmacists at ​medino pharmacy​ have reported a sharp rise in the demand for hand sanitiser in the UK. In particular, sales of brands such as Carex, Cuticura, Enliven and Numark have seen the most notable rise since the beginning of February.

The digital pharmacy, medino, has seen sales of hand sanitiser rise by 1044% in February when compared to the preceding three month period of November to the end of January.

The spike has been notable across the whole of the UK, with medino shipping nationwide from their warehouse in London. 

Top 5 Locations by hand sanitiser sales:

1. London

2. Brighton 

3. Cambridge

4. Luton

5. Birmingham

The hotspots for hand sanitiser sales appear to be linked to where cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK, with London and Brighton taking the two top spots. 

The pharmacy has been keeping up with demand but suppliers are starting to struggle. It’s expected that this is to continue whilst customers stockpile hand sanitiser supplies.

Superintendent Pharmacist Giulia Guerrini says “Some customers have told us they’ve ordered for offices and workplaces and we’ve seen large quantities purchased by new customers who have recently come across our site. We’ve done well to keep up with demand and we’ve managed to source hand gel from a number of different suppliers here in the UK”.

The Superintendent Pharmacist and her team analysed the buying habits of thousands of medino customers and found that the number of new customers buying hand sanitiser is increasing as opposed to their current customers repurchasing. 

“A number of these customers are not our regular buyers, rather we’re seeing new customers purchasing large quantities of hand sanitiser suggesting people are stockpiling in response to recent events,” said Ms Guerrini.

It’s recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible but when that’s not possible, the best hand sanitiser to use is one with more than 60% alcohol content. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers don’t kill all germs but they’re very effective at reducing microbes on your skin when used in the correct way.

About medino medino’s mission is to enable convenience as a core pharmacy shopping experience. With relentless digital focus, the company was founded by Lars Elfversson, who founded European multimillion technology company Netlight Consulting with 1400+ exceptional consultants over 6 countries, Christian Jakobsson, digital sales and marketing leader who started and developed start-ups in Paris and London, and Henrik Blomkvist, a technology leader heavily integrated in the start-up scene who has developed technology services for global audiences.

They have grown medino to become a key player in the health and well-being industry within a year of operating. They have scaled fast and will continue to do so with the new funding they’ve secured. 

Their vision is to become the natural choice for all pharmacy shopping and target customers transitioning from retail pharmacy shopping to online – to simply become “The pharmacy in your phone”.

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