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Vertigo types! Bet you never know


Apr 6, 2020 #Vertigo

Before getting any disease, its symptoms definitely come in your body so that you can get an idea of the disease.  In this way, today, we are going to tell you about the symptoms of a very critical disease, whose name is vertigo. This is a type of disease that directly affects your brain. Within this disease, the patient suffers from dizziness, headache, and lots of problems. It is directly connected with your inner ear layer, which helps to balance in your body. Sometimes people lose their body balance due to this and also the ability to listen.

Many home remedies are also available to fight like Ginger tea, Honey, Almonds, and lots more.  These all are helpful to make your nervous system strong and enchase blood circulation into the brain. If the blood circulation of your mind is good, then you never need to face this problem in the future. In simple words, be can say that this problem begins due to poor blood circulation in your brain. If everything is going right, but you are facing this problem, then consider with bppv vertigo.  Here the world’s known doctors are available for treating you.  It means here you can easily find the solution to your problems with advanced technology machines.

Categories of vertigo-

 On the condition basis, the dizziness is divided into some categories. Each category has a unique type of solution and medicine. If you are struggling with this disease, then it is essential to know about these types.  With this help, you will be able to understand the category of illness easily and will also be able to treat it. If you want to get all in-depth knowledge about those categories, then continue to read the article.

  • Peripheral vertigo

  • Central vertigo

These are the two categories of vertigo. Each has its own symptoms and treatment. Always try to take medicine under a doctor’s treatment.

  • Peripheral vertigo-

It is the most common category because 80% of patients are suffering from this problem. This type is usually started from a problem in the inner ear layer. ON the layer basis, the ear is divided into three categories upper layer, middle layer, and inner layer. The inner layer is connected with the brain because small organs are available in which respond ear to gravity and the person position via seeding message to the brain. The nerve signals are work as massagers that give information to the mind. If any changes come in this process, that becomes the reason for vertigo. The bppv vertigo and others are a common problem that comes under this category.

  • Central Vertigo-

Here it is another part of vertigo, which is found in approximately 20% cases, and this problem relates to the CNS. It finds in those patients who are suffering from migraine, demyelination, and tumors associated problems. It is the most critical type of vertigo from both categories. If you are suffering from these types of issues, then follow some checkups like Romberg’s test, Fukuda-Unterberger test, and many more.

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