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Poker: How this Amazing Mind game is Taking The Country By Storm

The love for Poker in India is highly contagious. When Poker fans come into contact with other individuals, they continue to spread their fandom.

Poker is the most beloved card game across the globe and India is not an exception in this case. Overall, the culture of India has kind of “more-or-less” positive views towards the game. Though, it does not mean that Poker didn’t receive any type of criticism in the country. The game has faced several social and political hurdles throughout India history. Nevertheless, the general attitude toward Poker has always been favorable.

Origin of Poker in India

Historically, India had not been ignorant of the existence of card games. The sport enjoyed a presence in the country since the British rule. Various card games from different countries made their way into the Indian culture. A popular historical game known as ‘Teenpatti’ is called the Indian card game variant of Poker.

Consistent growth

Since its origins, Poker has enjoyed a regular and consistent growth in India. Poker was readily adopted by many portions of the Indian society in the 1970s and 1980s. During this era, many new card rooms were opened in India. Although people were keen to join the game to experience the fun and thrill involved in it, it was not possible for everyone to travel to distant locations to play at the live tables.

Era of Digitalization

This is a new phase in the journey of this spectacular mind game. With digitalization, the passion for Poker has started intensifying in the country. A number of Poker learning and playing platforms are now easily accessible to the general public of India. This basically means that even people who initially had no intention of playing Poker, have started changing their perception about the game. Several individuals, who earlier had no viable means to play Poker, are now enjoying the game on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Numerous Poker apps are available to download on Android and iOS operating systems. Nowadays, playing Poker online has become a notable entertainment option for many Indians. Players can prove their mettle against opponents from all over the country at the online tables while sitting comfortably on their couches at their homes.

The major reason behind the growing popularity of online Poker is the plethora of opportunities it provides to make big money. Players can participate in online cash games and tournaments with real money and win unbelievable prizes. Gaming platforms like Adda52.com host all popular variants of Poker such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple, etc which are available around the clock. A number of exclusive deposit offers, bonuses, cashbacks, loyalty benefits, etc are provided to the players every now and then to make them stay connected to the games.

Also, playing real money games is 100% safe on all major online Indian Poker sites. Players can easily make deposits to buy chips through credit card, debit card, net banking, online wallets, etc. Also withdrawing prize money is an easy and quick process. You can play online Poker games without any worries, though it is essential to choose only an authentic and reliable gaming site to invest real money.

Poker has established itself as a solid and stable industry in India with a bright future. Both the players and operators are showing a huge interest in this magnificent card game. If you are bored of playing traditional games and want to try something thrilling, action-packed, and extremely rewarding, online Poker is the perfect choice for you!

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