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Preparing for a Trade Show Overseas

ByDave Stopher

Jul 23, 2019 #Business

Attending trade shows is crucial in boosting the popularity of your company. It’s even better when given a chance to participate in trade shows overseas. You can expand your market and directly engage with people from another country.

It won’t be comfortable though since you have to work harder now that you’re heading abroad instead of the usual local trade show. The event might be more significant with more companies attending. You can’t allow your business to feel left out and unprepared for this trade show. These tips are vital as you start to prepare.

Understand the goals of the trade show

Before you accept the opportunity to be a part of the event, you need to understand what the goal is. Some trade shows allow you to be there and set up a booth. You can advertise your company and meet with target customers. Others require you to bring samples of your products and showcase them to the attendees. Some others even offer a speaking time so that you can discuss for a few minutes what your business is about. These are unique opportunities for advertising, and you need to prepare well. 

Find the best representatives

You need to find the employees who will best represent your brand. It’s crucial that they understand the company well and what it stands for. They need to have the right personality and attitude to stand in a crowded place and remain energetic despite a long day. If someone speaks the language of the locals, you might also want to bring that employee with you. Apart from the people in your team, you need to hire interpreters and additional staff to help you as you arrive in another country.

Prepare your advertising materials

You need to bring everything that will help advertise your brand. Don’t forget the exhibition display stand since most people won’t have the chance to stop and ask questions. They can at least read the information written on the banners and display stands. You also need to hand out flyers. Find a way for people to stay connected to your business through social media or your primary website. 

View the venue before the event

You need to check the site a day before the event. Set up the booth and start decorating it. You also need to understand how it works so that it won’t be a problem when the trade show begins. You also need to plan the distribution of tasks and the rotation cycle to avoid making someone feel burnt out.

Rest well

If you have already set up the booth and everything is ready for the next day, you need to have a good rest. Trade shows can go on for the entire day, and some of them are even weeklong events. You need to rest well and move your party plans to another date once the event is over. You can celebrate the success of your team in enticing many people to come and see your booth.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/w1s5H_3Zn48

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