PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a project-based method for project management in a very effective way. Introduced by the UK government, PRINCE 2 has found its recognition not only in the government sector but in the private sector as well and that too on the global platform.


  • Focusing on Business Justification
  • Planning approach that is entirely product based
  • Dividing the project into manageable stages
  • Defining of organizational structure to the Project management Team
  • Gives Flexibility that could be applied to any level of the project

This project management strategy is even used by the United Nations for effective Project Management.

Type of Certification

 For the professionals who are planning to start their career as a project manager, a foundation course is available. But, for experienced managers, PRINCE 2 provides practitioner courses. Let us now discuss various levels in the PRINCE 2 Certification:

In the series of certifications provided by PRINCE 2, this is the first step. This certification allows one to gain enough knowledge to work efficiently with the management team.  This is a very promising certification for the aspiring managers and for those who are working with organizations working with PRINCE 2.


  1. Identification of themes, Principles, and processes linked with PRINCE 2
  1. To map the relation between processes, roles of the stakeholders, and deliverable processes.
  1. To know about the major projects and their management.


  • PRINCE 2 Practitioner Exam

This PRINCE 2 practitioner exam is for the professionals who are already in the process of managing projects. The major goal of this certification is to teach the professionals the implementation of the strategies in real time situations.

All those who want to improve their skills as a project manager can take up this professional PRINCE 2 practitioner certification:


  • A detailed explanation of the themes, Principles, and processes linked with PRINCE 2.
  • Understanding the difference and applications of Principles. Themes and Processes.
  • The identification of the reasoning behind these three aspects.
  • Applying the practical knowledge in the real-time projects.

PRINCE 2 Structures

PRINCE 2 methodologies have 7 Principles, 7 Processes, and 7 Themes as mentioned here:


  • Manage by Stages
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage by exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Learn from experience
  • Tailored to the Environment
  • Continued Business Justification


  • Business Care
  • Plan
  • Progress
  • Quality
  • Organization
  • Change
  • Risk


  • Starting Up a Project(SU)
  • Initiating a Project(IP)
  • Directing a Project(DP)
  • Controlling a Stage(CS)
  • Managing Product Delivery(MP)
  • Managing Stage Boundaries(SB)
  • Closing a Project(CP)

Details of Certification

  • Expiration Period

There is no expiry date for the PRINCE 2 Certification. However, if you are a PRINCE 2 certified practitioner your status will expire after 3 years. Professionals will have to take up the exam within three years to maintain their certification as a practitioner. The re-registration process is somewhat different than the usual certification procedure. The examination for the certification is less intense and focuses on updating the participants about the latest practices introduced with PRINCE 2. For the professionals to be eligible for PRINCE 2 you will have to earn 20 CPDs each year.

  • Pre-Requisites of Foundation Certification

Aspiring Project Managers with no initial experience can take up this foundation examination as there are no pre-requisites for this certification. Also, for those who want to get certifi9ed as a professional need to get enrolled in the foundation certification. You can even get certified for both the levels simultaneously by taking both the certifications at the same time.

  • Cost Of Certification

There are no special training sessions organized by the AXELOS. The price of the certification completely depends on the place where you are living and the mode of training you have chosen. A promising foundation course can cost you as much as £600. And if you go for both the courses together then it can cost about £1000 – £1500.

  • Duration of PRINCE2 Course


  • Taking up of Foundation level Examination of PRINCE 2 is not a difficult task. With the regular preparation for about three to four hours a day, the preparation can be done in a maximum 10 to 12 days. And for those who can make dedicated efforts for about one to two hours a day, you can take up the certification in three weeks.
  • Committed and focused efforts are required to crack the practitioner level examination due to its higher difficulty level. For those who dedicate three to four hours, a day can get the practitioner level certification in two to three hours. And for those who assign one to two hours of studies will attain the certification in four to six months.

It is advisable to not to extend the duration of the preparation as it may lead to loss of interest.

  • Format of Examination

The pattern of examination is different for the Foundation and Practitioner level examination and is mentioned below:

  • The duration of the examination is one hour that is sixty minutes and the candidate needs to attempt sixty questions in all. It is a closed book test and the passing percentage for the exam is 55 percent. The candidate will have to score 33 marks out of 60 to qualify the Foundation level of PRINCE 2 examination.
  • The duration of the examination is two hours and thirty minutes that is one hundred fifty minutes and the candidate has to attempt 68 questions carrying one mark each. This is an open book examination with a passing percentage of 55 percent. The candidate will have to score 38 marks out of 68 to qualify the Practitioner level of PRINCE 2 examination.

The global recognition provided by the PRINCE 2 certification is very wide and promising for the professional project managers. Other than this, it expands job opportunities and salary standards. Go for PRINCE 2 certification now!