• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

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Helen GoodmanPro-European MP Helen Goodman will face UKIP councillor John Tennant in a Brexit debate being held at Bishop Auckland College today

The Bishop Auckland MP will argue the case for remaining in the EU, while the Hartlepool Council Opposition Leader will put forward arguments for leaving to an invited audience of students and staff.

After what is likely to be a heated debate, followers of both the Vote Remain and Vote Leave camps will be invited to witness another key European battle – as they watch the second half of the England vs Wales Euro 2016 Group B match on the big screen.

Principal and Chief Executive Natalie Davison said: “Next week’s EU referendum will, for many of our students, be the first time they have voted and we wanted to ensure they were as informed as possible about the issues and arguments from both the remain and leave campaigns. This is a key political decision of our time and we want to sort the facts from the fiction.

“We are looking forward to what promises to be a lively debate and are very grateful that our local MP Helen Goodman and Councillor John Tennant have agreed to attend to put forward the case for each side and take questions from the floor.”

Looking forward to the debate, Ms Goodman said: “I think it’s clear that young people will see it’s in their interests to look out and spread their wings in the EU of possibilities and opportunities.”

Coun Tennant added: “I am very much looking forward to putting the case for leaving the EU to a young audience. This debate is about their future, and how bright it can be without EU control. It looks like it could be quite lively and I hope to be able to make clear the positive vision of a Britain free to trade globally.”

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