PUPILS turned day into knight with a medieval extravaganza to remember and a fun-filled alternative to the scourge of SATS.

Barnard Castle Preparatory School adopted the mantle of yesteryear with a cross-curricular look at the medieval period.

Children from reception to year 6, teachers and staff swapped school clothes for ancient costumes ranging from princesses and beggars, to knights, jesters and dragons.

A host of ye olde activities ranged from spinning and weaving to outdoors crafts. There was also archery and candle-making, along with demonstrations of birds of prey from Walworth Castle and jousting with Paul Martin and his horse is Blue.

Headmistress Laura Turner said: “Rather than put our children under the unnecessary pressure of SATS we have created memories for them. These are the sort of days they will remember all their lives and why our children love coming to school.

“We have focussed on a wide range of learning which will give them the skills for the future. We have covered art, science, history, maths and English in a way that left them thoroughly engaged and inspired and they have been motivated to find out even more about the medieval period.”