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Quick Home Curb and Facade Makeover Ideas

The exterior of our home matters just as much as its interior. It’s the first thing people will notice when they pass by or visit our place. Just like a person, a home can also be judged by its outer looks, and if people don’t find it appealing, they may easily assume that the inside is just as displeasing.

Considering that, the exteriors seem much more important than the interiors, then. When was the last time you checked your home’s curb and facade? If things are already starting to get dreary and boring over there, here are some great ways to give them TLC and a much-deserved makeover.

  1. Install a Fence

Fences are nothing new, so chances you already have those in your home, but if not, or if it’s already getting worn out, consider replacing it with a more durable material, such as top-tier qualityaluminum fencing. They’re a great choice because the good amount of gaps in between each bar allows your garden and facade to be clearly seen from the outside, giving you lots of opportunities to spruce them up. Fences also give you more privacy and security, so they’re both a practical and aesthetic home improvement idea. You can contact Illinois Fence Company for your sample fence designs.

  1. Plant Flowers By the Fence

Your fences will look even more charming if you add life to it, such as aflower bed. Choose flowers that bloom all year round, and skirt them along your fence. Their vibrant colors will make your home more inviting, and your fences less intimidating.

  1. Make a Clear Pathway

If your visitors get a little uncertain and confused about where to walk on every time they enter your property, then it’s missing a clear, dedicated pathway. Install pavers from your gate to your porch or front door, so that your grass or bare soil will no longer be stepped on. A charming pathway will also complete the look of your frontage.

  1. Add Dramatic Lighting

Apart from the light fixtures outside your home that are purely functional, add some accent lighting that can draw attention. Line the edges of your pathway with lamps, and hang a statement lantern by your front door. You’ll be awed by the difference they’d make, turning your home much more classy and appealing.

  1. Change the Front Door

If your front door is bordering to dilapidated or just plain dated, do it a favor by replacing it. Choose something that matches the architecture of your home, and that would allow more light in. With regards to the color, choose one that contrasts with the paintwork of your exteriors to make it stand out.

  1. Improve the Roofing

Your roof is mostly functional, but it doesn’t mean it has no contribution to aesthetics. The right roof will not only be protective and long-lasting but will also boost the charm of your entire property. If the shingles are already worn-out, have it re-shingled to restore their beauty. Or you can have them completely tore down and replaced. Consult a roofing professional on the best material and color that would suit your home best.

With the exteriors of your home beautified, not only will your visitors be pleased, but also you as its owner. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to an alluring and inviting place after a long day of work.

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