Reacting to a shortlisted entry to the National Infrastructure Commission’s ‘Roads For The Future’ competitionfrom AECOM, RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said:

“Stop-start traffic is bad for lots of reasons – it causes drivers to both use their brakes more, which causes wear, and to accelerate more which can increase vehicle emissions. It can also be enormously frustrating for drivers, many of whom will be familiar with journeys where every traffic light they meet seems to be red.

“Regulating traffic flow and encouraging people to drive more smoothly has a significant impact on emissions and for the most parts helps make us happier more contented drivers.

“So it is great to see novel technology like this being trialled. If successful, it should mean better, smoother, more reliable journeys for drivers and their passengers, and an improvement in local air quality – although clearly it will be most effective when there are fewer vehicles on the road.