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Sunderland Supporters of Radio Northumberland Help Community Radio Station

In an electrifying showcase of punk spirit, Radio Northumberland is set to benefit from a fundraising event at The Peacock in Sunderland on Saturday 2nd December.

The gig will be headlined by the dynamic Slalom D, alongside The Nutopians, All Out Attack, UK Dissent, and solo performances by Micky Vanguard and James Thoroughgood, the night promises an unmissable experience for punk enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Organised by the radio station’s punk presenter, Punky Paul Storey, the event aims to raise funds crucial for supporting Radio Northumberland’s ongoing operations. With a ticket price of £8, all profits from the evening will directly contribute to covering license and insurance fees, essential for the station’s monthly functioning.

“We’ve got eight class acts generously giving their time for free, and everyone at the station is profoundly appreciative. The funds raised will significantly aid in meeting our recurring costs, ensuring the continued broadcast of quality content to our community,” states Punky Paul Storey.

Headlining the event is Slalom D, a punk powerhouse hailing from Sunderland. Formed in 2018 and named after a now-defunct brand of strong lager infamous among local punks, Slalom D projects a forward-looking punk sound, combining innovative melodies, raw power, and a fearless exploration of contemporary social issues.

The band’s line-up sees Fiona Duncan on captivating vocals, Andrew Scobie adding depth with keyboards and backing vocals, Tony Lindstedt driving the rhythm on bass guitar, Gary Roberts on guitar and backing vocals, and Iain Murray skilfully holding it all together on drums.

Despite facing the tragic loss of their previous frontman, Craig Macbeth, in 2019, Slalom D persevered. Long-time friend Fiona stepped up as vocalist, bringing an unprecedented dedication to both Craig’s memory and the band’s future. In 2022, Slalom D joined forces with Serial Bowl Records, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

The band’s second album, “Waltz into Anarchy,” released under Serial Bowl Records, has received stellar reviews. A testament to their musical evolution, the album showcases Slalom D’s distinctive sound, blending punk energy with poignant lyrics.

Earlier this year, Slalom D rocked the stages of Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival and the Kubix Festival in Herrington Park, sharing the limelight with iconic acts like Squeeze and Heaven 17. The new album is now available on Serial Bowl Records, marking another step in their promising trajectory.

With an ever-growing fanbase, impactful performances, and a repertoire of quality songs, Slalom D is poised for a bright future in the punk scene.

“We hope as many people as possible can get along to support Radio Northumberland. We have a lot of listeners in Sunderland and we’re grateful for Slalom D suggesting the benefit gig,” said Paul.

Tickets on door or from slalomd@hotmail.com