• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

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Raising a glass ahead of the launch of ‘Joie de Vivre’ at Bistrot Pierre

Fast Lane Business Networking are excited to be working with the Middlesbrough restaurant on a lunchtime business networking event starting at the end of the month.

The French restaurant opened on 22nd September and is already highly rated on TripAdvisor, which makes it a great fit as a venue for Fast Lane Business Networking. The meetings are held in select restaurants that are known for their good quality food & often unique in their setting or surroundings. The events themselves are relaxed and offer businesses the ideal opportunity to take a natural break away from the work environment to build on business relationships & potentially create new collaborations. The food is always a great draw for attendees, with a specially devised menu negotiated with the venues beforehand.

Fast Lane Business Networking, which recently celebrated their first birthday, devised the lunchtime events after understanding that not everyone could attend an early morning meeting, whether that was through childcare arrangements or flexibility in the work place. There was also the belief that some networking meetings were not always conducive in creating ‘real’ business connections, and more about working the room with a heavy sales pitch & an exchange of business cards.

Lou Murray, who runs Fast Lane Business Networking, says “Love it or hate it, an essential part of being in business is networking. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just dip in every now & again, it’s an ideal opportunity to meet new contacts & build on your existing business relationships. If you are lucky this could also drum up extra work for you & your business too. Fast Lane Business Networking meeting are very relaxed, with no pressure, it’s networking not referrals, where you’re actually sitting down with businesses to enjoy a meal & have a good discussion. With these discussions you are learning more about the person behind the business or brand, and forming long term working relationships. We market the events as an opportunity to enjoy great food & have great conversations, the reviews & feedback we receive after each meeting strongly reflects this message”

Salvatore Savino, the GM of the newly opened Bistrot Pierre in Middlesbrough, is looking forward to the first lunch event on Tuesday 31st October, and welcoming members of the local business community into the restaurant for a taste of the joie de vivre.

For more information & details on upcoming events, see www.fastlanebusinessnetworking.co.uk

By Emily