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Reasons why you need to take care of your office space


Sep 1, 2017 #Business

It is the beginning of another day in the office, and you’ve just settled in at your desk, a place where most people spend one-third of their life. You type on the keyboard and answer business phone calls. Then you go to the photocopier and make copies for an impending meeting, where you will be shaking hands with prospective clients. As you dash back to your desk, your pen drops to the floor and you quickly take it. Later on, you realise it is time to go to the restroom.

Does that sound like a typical day at the office? Now stop and think about the surfaces you touched or the furniture you used. You probably needed clean surfaces, good space, and well-organised furniture. This is not just the case in office environments but also in retail stores, warehouses, and even healthcare facilities. There is no doubt that it is important to take care of your office space, now let’s go into the detail.

Impact on the health of employees

This one is straight forward and does not need a genius to figure out. Your employees’ health can be affected by the manner in which you take care of your work environment. A clean and safe office will make you reap the rewards of fewer sick days. Sick days can cost your business up to 54% loss in productivity. Ensure that your janitorial team maintains day-by-day disinfecting of surfaces, washing floors, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning restrooms to minimise infections. Hand sanitiser wall dispensers can also come in handy. Machines that are regularly used, such as the photocopier, should also be strategically placed to avoid bending or stretching which can result in back problems. To put it simply, if your office is making your staff sick, then it’s time for a complete office refurbishment.

Employee and customer satisfaction

Nobody wants to walk in to an office to be greeted by an unpleasant odour. By ensuring that your office has an appealing scent means that your clients are more likely to arrive with a positive mindset because they know that they are walking into a clean office. It also improves their energy and approval of your work and the same applies to workers. A dirty office will have a negative impact on their morale. No one would want to put their lunch in a grimy fridge. Keep the office space clean, and your employees will feel like their place of work is respected.

Impact on the image the business

Apart from your employees who interact with the office space on a daily basis, there are suppliers, prospective and current clients, partners and potential workers. You do not want to leave your office with communicable illness and a bad impression of your workstation. Words spread as fast as germs, so ensure you take good care of your workstation from the front door, to the restrooms, to the boardrooms, and to the forklift.

Poorly spaced or small offices can also bring out a bad image of your company. A group of potential clients would like to walk into an office and fit in well. If your client finds it hard to traverse through or meet in the office, they will probably not want to come again. If you have to stick to small space, find a professional office fit out who can help you to arrange the office well.

Effect on the durability of property

Now it’s time to think about the costly property in your office block, mainly hard floors and carpets. If you do not clean them frequently and with the recommended cleaning products, you can kiss those beautiful carpets and scratchless, shiny floors goodbye. You also need to clean electronic devices such as computers and photocopiers regularly. You will need to use your electronics for a longer time to get good value for money. These machines experience wear and tear and accumulate dirt which makes it critical to hire professional cleaners who can clean them well.


How you treat your office space can be the make or break of your business. Many people do not think that taking care of their office space is that important. So, contact a professional office fit out if you are willing to put the right cleaning measures in place, take advantage of the available space, and make a good image of your business.

By Emily