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Reasons To Take Your Next Trip To Bali

ByDave Stopher

Aug 19, 2019 #Holiday

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The most popular Indonesian Island holiday destination, Bali is home to an ancient culture and is well known for its wholehearted hospitality. Some of the top attractions of the place include exotic palaces and temples, set against the incredible natural background. The island is all happening from dawn to dusk and every single hour. From the stunning sunshine to lively nightlife, Bali is a destination that should be in every traveller’s bucket list. 

Whereat one point Bali offers endless cuisine from local food to the world’s exotic dishes, the exciting dance floors and clubs make the destination way more exciting. The serene seascapes, amazing beaches, and luxe resorts with some of the finest ones right on the beach will make you never want to leave the place or revisit the same, even if you had to leave. 

If you are looking forward to taking a trip anytime soon, then you should consider Bali. Well, I am not trying to impose it on you. The reason I am asking you to do so is because of the reasons you will find underneath. 

So, let’s take a sneak peek into why you should visit Bali on your next trip. 

#1. Incredible Waterfalls

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One of the best things to do in Bali is to explore and enjoy the waterfalls around the island. The natural hot springs and gorgeous waterfalls will leave you amazed. Every waterfall is amazing in its ways, but if you wish to explore the scenery of the spectacular waterfall around the island, then you may look out for Gitgit waterfall, Banjar Air Panas, and Air Terjun Singsing. These places will leave you wondering about how magnificently beautiful is the world created by the almighty. 


#2. Beautiful Environment

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The magical vibe thrown off by the environment in Bali is the other reason for you to visit the place. The lovely climate unites the vibe among people, and you will see everyone sharing the same vibe as you. It does not matter if you are looking forward to getting involved in adventurous activities, do yoga, or eat the local cuisine, you will meet like-minded people in whatever activity you want to do. In fact, the massive digital nomad community will make your trip even more enjoyable, and you will be soaked in the beauty of the place. 


#3. Friendly Locals

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The one thing that scares people the most while on their trip to someplace new is the locals. A lousy encounter from the locals and they never intend to revisit the place. Well, Bali is the opposite in this case. The locals are the friendliest people on earth, and they are amazingly gentle. They have the ritual to offer their morning to the almighty, and if you are anywhere near them, they will even invite you over. Sometimes, these people do not even have anything, but they are always ready to share everything. 

So, if you ever worry about how the locals will treat you, then do not even give it a thought if you choose to explore Bali on your next trip. 


#4. Cost of Living 

With the exchange value of a dollar to the Indonesian rupiah, you will be amazed to know how far your money can go. The same amount with which you spend a week in any developed place, you can spend a month in Bali. Is this information difficult to digest? I know, you would be wondering how it is possible? Well, accommodation starts at $10, and food is served at as cheap as $1. A majority of people live in Bali on $1,000-$2,000 a month, which is easy for anyone. So, you can make the most of your trip at almost no cost as compared to any other country. 


#5. Luxe Hotels and Resorts

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Besides the incredible adventure and beautiful sites, Bali is famous for its luxurious hotels and resorts. The best hotels and resorts are spread out across the place, and the best part is that anyone can afford to stay in them. Another fantastic thing about staying in these hotels and resorts is that some of them are located on the beachside, offering you the best value for your money. 

Another best option to spend the best time in Bali is by renting a private villa. Doesn’t it sound amazing to throw a private party at a luxurious villa, with a huge private swimming pool? Well, it is possible if you travel to Bali. 

You may go through this list of some of the best hotels and resorts in Bali. 


#6. World-Class Cuisine

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With everything else that Bali has to offer, its cuisine never misses the list of top reasons to visit the place. Yes!! Starting from the local food to every mouth-watering dish the world has to offer, Bali serves it all. You can start your day from eating a fantastic breakfast to devouring every meal provided till night, and you will find every cuisine different and tasty. 

So, if you love to taste food from different parts of the world, moreover, if you like to binge on the tasty cuisines, then missing out on Bali is your loss. 


#7. Inspiring Temples

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With an incredible culture to explore, as I told you earlier about how the locals devote their mornings to the mighty, Bali is not just about the beaches and luxe resorts. The place is home to many fascinating temples, and these serve as the essence of the whole site. I tell you, never miss out on Balinese temples while you are on your trip to the exotic destination. 

With a unique mix of Hindu-Buddhist religion, Bali has many different temples, with various religious ceremonies. The temples are decorated with beautiful statues, and wood carvings, and are set against the breath-taking natural background. 


Convinced Now? 

There are numerous things to do and many places to explore in Bali. With the seven reasons mentioned above, I believe that you must be looking forward to exploring the exotic destination, as soon as possible. And if you are, then I have a hot tip for you. Do not miss out on your United Airlines tickets and make sure you pack your bags right, before leaving for the most fantastic trip of your life. 

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So what are you waiting for?

Book your tickets, pack your bags, and leave for the most awaited trip!!