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Reduce your carbon footprint when booking your next package holiday


Mar 7, 2022 #Business, #climate

A leading North East travel operator is spearheading the idea of ‘mindful travel’ and promoting reforestation as part of its wider push for greater sustainability.

Dawson & Sanderson, with branches throughout the region and in Cumbria and Yorkshire, is reducing its carbon footprint by donating a tree for every packaged holiday booked.

Dawson & Sanderson has a longstanding commitment to sustainability and investing in both green technology and forestry. The company has invested in solar panels on some of its buildings and planted more than 40,000 trees in Northumberland during the last 25 years.

The Newcastle-based company has teamed up with a company called Trees4Travel to make regular donations to allow the company to help restore rainforests around the world. It is recognised that to combat carbon emissions forest restoration is one of the most effective ways to fight climate change.

Chris Harrison, MD at Dawson & Sanderson, said: “Most forms of travel result in carbon emissions so we are taking steps to offset that. Holidaymakers can travel knowing they are also doing some good. Trees are the most powerful absorbers of carbon emissions.

“By helping to plant trees in developing countries as you travel, people will help restore ecosystems, biodiversity and support local communities.”

During the latest campaign across all branches, the company will donate a tree for any holiday that is packaged by Dawson & Sanderson and covered by its own ATOL license. For third party packages sold by other operators, there is also an option to add a tree donation for a small fee.

Chris Harrison added: “We actively look to work with and promote sustainable suppliers and operators such as Jet2 who are one of the worlds most efficient and environmentally friendly airlines.

 “As a company we are conscious of our need to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. During the past three years we have cut the use of paper across the company by more than 60% by introducing a digital system that sends customer paperwork via email. We are constantly aiming to reduce this further still.”

He explained the company is making further investments in technology, utilising QR codes, to make banking payments easier, minimising the need for paper and plastics.