Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.19.10Two acupuncturists are aiming to improve the reproductive health and wellbeing of the region with the launch of their natural fertility clinic in Jesmond, Newcastle.

The first of its kind in the North East, Jesmond Natural Health & Fertility is dedicated to helping couples prepare for conception, pregnancy and birth as well as supporting those undergoing Assisted Reproduction techniques such as IVF.

The clinic is home to a team of skilled practitioners selected for their knowledge and expertise in treating women and couples with general health and conception issues. Services include nutrition, massage including abdominal and pregnancy, stress management, reflexology, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, Bowen, Ayurveda, and a holistic midwife.

Founders Laura Bicker and Louise Collyer have practised acupuncture around the region for the last 10 years and three years respectively, both focusing on women’s health and fertility. However, they wanted to make life easier for clients by bringing a specialist team under one roof.

Laura explains; “Achieving a healthy pregnancy requires a holistic approach. A client may need to implement diet changes for example alongside a course of acupuncture, use yoga to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety, or use lesser known treatments such as Mizan massage to improve abdominal blood flow. Having a dedicated team in one place means clients have access to a much wider range of treatments in their journey to conception.”

“We can also provide flexibility for patients undergoing IVF with a seven-day a week support service. Something we couldn’t do when working alone.”

Each client undergoes a diagnostic health consultation and from there a bespoke treatment programme is developed. The clinic works alongside a local phlebotomist so clients can be referred for private blood tests if needed.

“Patients quickly see big improvements in their general health and wellbeing which is usually the start of improved reproductive health,” says co-founder Louise Collyer.

“One of the best things about our job is not only witnessing a successful pregnancy and birth but seeing clients relax once their treatment is underway. They are visibly happier, enjoying life and more emotionally balanced.”

The clinic is located on Osborne Road, Jesmond. For more information visit