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For many businesses, allowing your staff to work from home may seem daunting. Can you trust your staff to get their work done? Is there documentation which they need to take with them in order to work remotely? With a cloud-based management system to manage your business and its workflow, you can monitor all staff movements and processes at any given moment. Digitise documents, job sheets and customer surveys for on-site recording and capturing. With leading field service management software, you gain access to a host of features such as below, to improve your business processes without leaving home.

File Sharing

Data and documents can be stored in the cloud, making them easier to access by authorised users, dependant on access rights. Without a system in the company, staff would need to go to the specific department or person to get the files or information they need. This can be time-consuming, and they may not receive what they need promptly. If using a software like Aspera, they can do a quick search for the file or details they need, and it will be in front of them in seconds. Multiple users can access these files at the same time, from any device and any location, making processes quicker.


Every job may require specific people to do it. The right project management application will allow you to conveniently assign tasks, from any location, to the individuals that you know are fit for the job. You or the management should have a thorough understanding of the skills of your staff, so you will know who to send on specific assignments.


Another vital feature in the management system is monitoring. It should let you track various aspects of your business, such as your resources, budget, and employees. You need to be up to date with your inventory to ensure that you have enough materials or equipment to use on your projects. Budget monitoring is also essential to ensure that you are not going over what’s intended for a specific job. Employee monitoring helps you determine if your staff are working on time and see the progress of their work.

Better customer service

Offering your clients a timely and correct response through technology plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. They don’t need to visit you personally if you offer various means by which they can contact you like e-mail and chat. Some applications combine all these options in one and allow tracking of conversation records and notes to help clients better.

You will also find job management software that incorporates these customer service functions with other features that may be helpful with your business operation like inventory, job distribution, tracking, and invoicing. All this automation can make the work quicker, more efficient, and less prone to errors.


Communication is vital in every business. Staff must receive important information accurately and promptly to do the things that they need to finish. Everyone must be on the same page to ensure a smooth work process. With the help of various communication applications like e-mail, forums, and messengers, it will be easier for everyone to be in the loop and get the latest information or tasks required right away.


Project management programs come with reporting features that can be automatically drawn up and accessed with ease. Reporting can be setup for all aspects of your business, from sales and forecasting to project profit or loss summaries and invoicing. With accurate data on hand, making informed decisions that will be beneficial to the company becomes that much easier.

A business management system gives you all the necessary tools to simplify your business processes. Track, monitor and maintain your entire business from any remote location within seconds with real-time reports and updates.

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