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ReputationDefender Explains How Social Media Can Damage Your Mental Health

As your online presence is frequently seen as an extension of yourself (regardless of the content being true or false) anyone can feel a strong sense of anxiety, guilt and fear due to unwanted search results. This can quickly develop into a feeling of there being no hope as individuals struggle to manage and resolve the situation. Without help and empathy individuals feel abandoned or unimportant leading to serious mental and physical health issues.

Persistent Harassment

Having negative discourse or sensitive information attached to your name online can lead to persistent harassment on social media. Online bullies and trolls in some cases keep up an attack for months or even years, creating new accounts to avoid blocking, and negative coverage can act to attract further abuse. This can be extremely dehumanizing as individuals are prevented from being able to have normal online interactions, never knowing when the next attack will appear.


On top of worrying about harassment, once you know unwanted information about you is out there it can be hard not to become anxious or even paranoid. Every time you meet someone or attend a job interview you could find yourself wondering whether they already know sensitive details about your past, or whether you didn’t get the job because of that embarrassing video you posted years ago.

Unable To Move On

Everyone deserves a chance to move on from past mistakes. For all its benefits, today’s online world can rob you of that chance, with everything you say, and everything said about you potentially being recorded online forever. For anyone with a history they don’t want to be associated with, it can feel like there is no escape from the past, or an unending cycle of being punished for the same mistake, with everyone who looks for you online discovering personal details about your life, or errors made much earlier in your career.

Are negative online experiences getting you down? ReputationDefender can help take sensitive material down and shield you from online abuse.

For more tips on stopping online interactions undermining your mental health, follow us on Twitter or get in touch with our team of experts by calling +44 800 131 0700, or e-mailing hello@reputationdefender.com to talk about content removal.

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