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Retail stores welcome Bitcoin with open arms in France

If there’s one thing that Bitcoin has cemented since day one, it is its growth potential. Over the years, Bitcoin has come to gain more attention than ever. That being said, newer avenues are opening up each day for the cryptocurrency. This virtual currency has come to cover quite some ground across popular global cities. With hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs opening up altogether in cities like Zurich, Slovenia, London, New York, Buenos Aires, etc., we can only hope for further prosperity.

In current news, we’re here to take a look at France’s heightening crypto culture. The country has always served as a welcome call to crypto and Blockchain developments. However, Bitcoin is now a lot easier to use than it was in the past. How has this change come about in France? Let us take a quick look.

More than 20,000 retail stores are now open to accepting Bitcoin payments in France! Unbelievable? Quite so! With these stores providing a variety of facilities, we can hope for a common man to finally experience the best of Bitcoin. When in France, you can now pay for groceries, meals, haircuts, apparel shopping, jewelry, and so much more through Bitcoin. For more information visit bitcoin future trading app.

The excitement only shoots up when one gets to unravel all the names in this long list. Popular brands such a Sephora (the make-up and cosmetics giant) and Decathlon (the one-stop sports goods hub) have found their way to the list. Several other big names aren’t trailing behind in terms of crypto acceptance, blessing French people with an all-new payment alternative at their favorite stores as they avail the best of services.

Bitcoin seems to have reached this point of glory earlier this year, and we can only speculate more growth from this point on. Around 30 popular French retailers have now welcomed Bitcoin with open arms at about 20,000 retail stores. The best thing about such a welcome is how this simplifies life for crypto enthusiasts. If you’d been waiting for Bitcoin to ring the big bell of acceptance, the time has now come.

Crypto globe, a major French news platform has given quite some insight into the news. It was the Paris Retail Week that seems to have inspired the buzz in the first place. No matter where the news comes from, the conclusion remains bright and clear. It is a sigh of relief for crypto analysts who had well predicted Bitcoin’s power back in the day.

This could well be a wave of change for countries that have long been running and relying on fiat currencies. The potential and prospect brought in by Bitcoin are endless, and we cannot wait to see what unravels in the future. Nevertheless, coming back to recent news, we are yet to see how this major step works in favor of France and the French people.

Confused about how the payment system is all set to work?

With more than 20,000 retail shops entering the third phase of the economy through the power of Bitcoin, there are indeed some worries about how the payment system will work. But France seems to have it all figured out though the much-needed alliance between Easy2Play and Global POS. The technological and payment masterminds seem to have come together for good if we talk about France. It is important to note that although these payments will be made using Bitcoin, there will be immediate conversion into the picture. This means that BTC will directly get translated to Euros as soon as a transaction is made.

Other important names have emerged on the horizon as well. The direct conversion service will be provided by Savitar and Deskion. With both these names having enough experience and accreditations, this seems like a reasonable proposal. However, we are yet to confirm the smoothness of operations and the longevity of this particular system.

If you’ve been wondering about other names on the list of retailers, Sephora and Decathlon are followed by Intersport, World House, Norauto, Cultura, and several others. In this regard, another vital piece of information came in through the founder of Global POS. His statement sheds quite some light on a variety of important factors that call for our attention. According to him, the current state of affairs is a vital and symbolic leap in France when it comes to payment services. Towards the end, what matters more than anything is France’s entry into Economy 3.0 with a bang!

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