UNCLE, a residential rental company, has surveyed over 2,000 UK residents on the top amenities they would like to live by, as well as revealing the most desirable city in the UK to live in. You can view the full piece here.

Many of us are wanting to live closer to great amenities and are choosing the best cities to live in with the most amenities that the country has to offer. The rental experts at UNCLE have surveyed Britons on which amenities they think are the most important, as well as voting on the best and most desirable city in the UK. 

What local amenities are most important when deciding where to live?

The most desirable amenity, with over half (51%) of Brits agreeing, is supermarkets. Not only are the practicalities of this important to access groceries, but living in close proximity to one can also increase the value of your property.

Green spaces takes second place, with 2 in 5 (40%) of Brits surveyed saying they would want to be close to green areas. After living through multiple lockdowns in the past two years, many of us love being close to green spaces so that we can access them easily for exercise and get closer to nature.

Almost a third (31%) of Brits surveyed agree that living close to good schools is important. With most schools taking geographical proximity for their catchment area into consideration for pupil selection, it is no wonder that this appears in the top three. 

Hospitality and shopping are also high on the list of residents’ priorities, with almost a quarter (22%) of respondents wanting independent shops nearby, and 1 in 5 (20%) desiring local restaurants and (19%) hoping to live close to traditional pubs.  

Amenity  % of those wanting to live close to this amenity
Supermarkets 51%
Green space 40%
Good schools 31%
Independent shops 23%
Restaurants 20%
Traditional pubs 19%
Libraries 16%
Coffee shops 16%
Hairdressers/barbers 12%
Charity shops 11%

Which UK cities are the best to live in?

England’s capital takes the crown of the best city to live in, with 1 in 5 (20%) of Brits voting for the city. With world famous top schools and universities to attend, beautiful green spaces such as Hyde Park, St James’s Park and Regents Park, and with many leisure activities, including fantastic pubs, theatres, restaurants and bars throughout the city. 

Taking second place is the historic city of York with over 15% of votes, which includes the famous street The Shambles, York Cathedral and many green spaces across the city. 

York has also surprisingly been voted as a better city than Leeds by Leeds residents with almost 4 in 10 (36%) saying York is better than Leeds! 

Third place is taken by Edinburgh with 14% voting for the Scottish capital, in fourth Oxford with 12%, and Manchester in fifth with 11%

City  Percentage of votes for the city
London 20%
York 15%
Edinburgh 14%
Oxford 12%
Manchester 11%
Cambridge 11%
Brighton 9%
Bristol 8%
Liverpool 8%
Norwich 6%

Commenting on the research, Caroline Rodin, Head of Marketing at UNCLE:

“Considering where you live, especially when looking to move to a new area, can be incredibly daunting for renters and buyers alike. 

“As we think ahead to the future of renting, looking at what local amenities are available are a real priority. It is interesting to see that supermarkets are the most important for people to have access to, even with the increased focus on green spaces and well being during lockdown. Across the country, the practicalities of being close to the supermarket are an integral part in choosing your future home.”

“It is no surprise that London ranks as the best city for amenities, with a wealth of amenities and activities on offer, and that over half of Britons voted for the capital. Seeing York and Edinburgh come in a close 2nd and 3rd, reminded us that areas outside the capital continue to be popular, especially with more flexible work options.”