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Revealed: The cheapest and most expensive airlines for travelling with skis or a snowboard

With the ski season now upon us, My Late Deals has researched 19 airline baggage policies to find the cheapest airlines for ski carriage. 

My Late Deals has identified the airlines that allow you to carry your equipment for free, those that take it out of your baggage allowance, those that charge and the associated fee, whether you need to pre book, the equipment that is included and any restrictions. 

The top airlines:

My Late Deals has identified Swiss Airlines as the best airline for skiers and snowboarders. They allow passengers to carry their ski or snowboard equipment for free, don’t take it out of their baggage allowance and there is no need to pre book. 

Swiss Airlines are closely followed by Eurowings. They also allow passengers to bring their equipment for free and don’t take it out of their baggage allowance. The only difference is that although you are not required to pre book it is strongly recommended to pre book with Eurowings as carriage is dependent on availability. 

The airlines that don’t charge but take it out of your baggage allowance:

Air France


Austrian Airlines

British Airways





The airlines that charge and the fee per passenger, per direction, booked in advance: 

Ryanair – £45.00

Tui – £40.00 (minimum)

EasyJet – £37.00 

Aer Lingus – €40.00

Iberia (Unless traveling long haul) – €40.00

Norwegian – £30.00- £35.00 on short flights. £50.00 on long haul. 

Wizz Air – €30.00

Flybe – £30.00 

Jet2 – £30.00

Booking in advance

The research also shows that booking ski carriage in advance will not only save time at the airport but will also save you money with the majority of airlines. For example Aer Lingus charge a €40 fee prior to departure or a fee of €50 payable through the Aer Lingus reservations centre at the airport on the day of departure. 

The majority of airlines don’t require pre booking but there are a few that do require advance notice. It’s necessary to pre book ski carriage for the following airlines: Austrian, Flybe, Jet2, KLM, SAS and TUI. It’s also strongly advised to prebook on Eurowings, Lufthansa and Wizzair as it might not be guaranteed. Finnair also require travelers to prebook if travelling in a group of ten or more people who will be taking ski/snowboard equipment. 

They’ve created an infographic to show all of their findings which can be seen here:

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