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Rustic Vogue: How to inject the latest trend into your home

According to interior design experts, 2021 is about scrapping former trends such as minimalism and increasing liveability, to make rooms comfortable and homely.

The hottest trend ‘Rustic Vogue’ is a sophisticated take on ‘cottage core’ and mixes modern and old features, combining the two in perfect harmony to create a sanctuary of homeliness and character.

Matthew Currington at The Lighting Superstore has put together a guide on how you can inject the trend into your home…

Embrace original features

If you’ve got an original fireplace, wooden floors, exposed beams or panelled walls, then you’re already on a winning streak when it comes to this trend, as it is all about the character details.

Wood is the core element here and lots of it, so look for unique pieces which show grain and texture when adding furniture.

Antique, repurposed, salvaged and retro pieces all have their place in a vintage scheme. The key is to reference the look rather than reproduce it.

Using strong colours and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant cohesive aesthetic, see if you can repurpose any old wooden pieces, adding an updated look to an already loved piece of furniture.

Use warm colours and add texture

Forget the dull tones of beige and grey – it’s all about injecting warm tones such as warm oranges and chestnuts, as well as a splash of colour to your walls.

The added warmth will create a space you’ll want to relax, work and live in, while the extra colour adds vibrancy and life.

Consider textured or patterned wallpaper for a subtle transformation that lends depth and comfort to any room.

Add homely accessories

But don’t worry if you don’t want to be too bold with your colour scheme, find simple home décor or art pieces to show off your taste.

Delve through the treasure chest of online vintage or independent stores and see if you can find some unique or eclectic accessories , such as antique cabinets, tapestries, unusual frames, quirky candle holders or timeless prints to bring a touch of personality into your rooms.

To create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and happy, fill your home with cushions, throws, pictures and rugs. These will not only be comforting for you but are less costly additions to a living space you’ve probably spent so much time in recently.

Add plants and bring the outside in to compensate for the amount of time we’ve spent cooped up in our houses.

Scatter flowers, pampas grass and plants around your house to create an element of nature and boost your mood, productivity and creativeness.

With studies that show that plants can reduce stress levels, feelings of fatigue, sore throats and colds, they are the perfect accessory for boosting your health and wellbeing too!

Work with natural and warm light

After being stuck inside all day, we’ve found that people are generally favouring soft lighting over harsh overhead lights.

So if you’re lucky enough to have south-facing rooms, natural light is your best friend here, so work with it to create a bright, light and happy space.

However, if you’re not so lucky with natural light, take inspiration from our Scandinavian neighbours and experiment with soft lighting, an essential if you want to brighten up your home to create a snug environment.

Explore layered lighting options by adding lighting stations in the form of floor and table lamps. These offer a soft alternative to harsh overhead lights, and will cultivate cosiness, as well as adding dimension to your space.

Fixtures like the Drum LED Antique Brass Table Lamp or the Dark Coloured Wooden Floor Lamp that complement the accents of wood and warm colours will only perfect your take on the Rustic Vogue trend.

By SF News