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SABIC enhances workforce safety / competency skills with Academy of Joint Integrity training modules

The Academy of Joint Integrity is continuing to support the development of competency skills on COMAH sites on Teesside with a unique programme of Loss of Containment courses designed for SABIC.

A group of 45 maintenance technicians, first line managers and engineers have taken part in the Academy competency programme over a two-month period, which was focused on flange assembly/ flange management processes and gasket technology.

Modules were designed to support candidates involved in the integrity of pressurised systems, the Energy Institute-accredited training, underpins SABIC Loss of Containment strategy.

Courses consisted of the Safe and correct use of Hydraulic Torque and Tensioning Equipment, Hand Torque, Flange Management and Exchanger Technology designed specifically to meet the Learning Outcomes detailed in the Learning Needs Analysis Study with SABIC.

The training was introduced to complement SABIC’s existing competency programmes as part of it priority focus on safety. It follows a review of its management procedures surrounding pressure boundary connections to reflect its position as a top-tier Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) site.

The Flange Management module encompassed the use of the unique Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU), which displays the elastic interaction of the components within the Flanged connection, SABIC engineers and technicians were able to undertake practical assessments to assess competencies.

The Academy, which is part of global sealing solutions specialist Flexitallic and has one of its key training centres on Teesside, supports customers by providing highly-experienced and qualified training instructors delivering training and assessment for sites that have to adhere to the COMAH Regulations, and offshore compliance needs.

On-site Integrity Audits also provide clients with ageing assets invaluable technical evaluation of how to address corroded flanges and pipework related to gasket/flange assembly challenges.

Craig Hargreaves, Senior Analyst, Workforce Development and Continuous Improvementat SABIC, said: “SABIC on Teesside takes process safety as a priority and this training is part of our commitment to consistently enhancing the competency of technicians and others involved in operations on our top tier COMAH site.

“We engaged with the Academy as a result of its significant industrial experience in this area, both in terms of training and its parent company Flexitallic’s global sealing industry expertise. The training was very beneficial and supports our implementation of a site-based competence assurance programme to maintain the high standards set out by the programme.”

Gary Milne, Academy Director at the Academy of Joint Integrity, said: “We are increasingly supporting Teesside Offshore workers and local COMAH sites on Teesside having delivered programmes for organisations such as SABIC and Chemoxy, which recognise the importance of maintaining competency to meet the latest safety legislation and protocols.

“SABIC’s commitment to safety is first-class and we were delighted to work with its operatives to support the company’s training and competency objectives.”

For more information about The Academy of Joint Integrity contact Gary Milne on 07770 233001or gmilne@flexitallic.eu

By Emily