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Safer searching with Mojeek – the alternative search engine


Oct 27, 2018

With Christmas on the horizon there will be millions of online searches for the perfect Christmas gift, but much of this web browsing will be watched by trackers who see what you are looking for, when you are doing it, where you are and more besides. Indeed it’s most intrusive but now there is another way. Mojeek is a British-built search engine which does not follow you around or track your every move. It simply provides an unobtrusive search service independent of other search engines. Why not give it a try?

Mojeek already has one of the largest web page coverages of any search engine in the world and is continually growing every day. As it increases its coverage of the web the results too are continuously improving. Without amassing identifying information from user search history and location data, Mojeek is the alternative search engine for safer searching.

Most alternative search engines simply add a user-friendly wrapping to the results compiled from other search engines such as Google or Bing. Mojeek, however, provides its own entirely self-built and independent results meaning that there is no second hand bias from other search engines and privacy is not compromised.

Mojeek’s founder, Marc Smith explained: “I wanted to build an independent search platform which puts the people who use it first. The more people that make the switch to Mojeek the better the search engine will become as we are continually making improvements. We are providing an alternative search option and therefore choice in the market place. Without this competition, choice may be wiped out.”

Why not try searching with Mojeek today? Or, read more about why they believe in your right to privacy?