Web Developers are feeling undervalued, underpaid and overworked, according to a salary survey conducted by leading Java, PHP and Web recruiters Pearson Frank.

The salary survey, launched at the JAX DevOps conference in London on 4 April 2017, reveals some fascinating insights into the current developer landscape, thanks to the thoughts and input from over 800 industry professionals from around the world.

Only 50% of those surveyed stated that they were happy in their current place of employment, with 26% looking to leave their job in the next 12 months. Survey participants highlighted that poor communication between departments, the geographical spread of remote workers, poor management, lack of leadership, and boredom are key reasons for wanting to leave.

Another issue raised in the survey is that developers (47.5%) believe that their employers are not bringing in the latest technologies to help them do their jobs.

On top of this, only 24% of survey participants feel that their current salary and benefits package adequately reflects the work that they do with many employees arguing that there are insufficient training opportunities in their place of work, leading workers to feel bored and seek new challenges.

Of those who were offered training opportunities in work or those who sought qualifications in their spare time, 21% stated that they saw a change in their salary once they attained certification.

Women are once again under-represented in Java, PHP and Web development roles, with just 11% of global respondents identifying as women, with the highest percentage recorded in the United Kingdom, followed by Spain and Australia. This has been an on-going issue, with employers struggling to recruit a diverse workforce.

The survey also discovered that 54% of female respondents believed that their employer paid men and women equally while no female respondents believed that women in their companies were rewarded greater than men.

Worryingly, the salary survey also points out that seven out of 10 professionals (72%) are facing moderate to high levels of stress in their work. Poor management practice, frustrations around having to mentor younger or inexperienced members of the team, and unfamiliar processes all adding to create poor work/life balances.

The Pearson Frank salary survey also highlights the average yearly take-home wage for Java, PHP, and Web professionals, with mid-level workers in the UK able to expect an annual salary of £40,500. In France, a similar worker can expect to earn €36,000 and in Germany a salary of €50,000 can be expected.

“The inaugural Pearson Frank Salary Survey is an invaluable resource for all professionals and employers working with Web technologies,” says James Lloyd-Townshend at Pearson Frank. “Not only does it allow professionals to see where they compare to those with similar experience, but it also gives employers an indication of the current climate with regards to expected salaries of these professionals, whether permanent or freelance.

“The findings also highlight key issues facing workers in Java, PHP and Web environments, allowing employers the opportunity to stay up to date with the views of employees in this field. We could not have expected a better reaction at JAX DevOps and I want to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.”