Our Skin Academy, a course based company focused on skincare and behavioural changes has taken the nation by storm with underrated knowledge about skin and all the components behind good skincare.

Professional skin practitioner and businesswoman, Hollie Simpson, has over 20 years of experience in treating skin and acknowledges that poor skin can be the result of an abundance of factors, both internal and external. For this reason, she founded Our Skin Academy, a company that provides skincare specialists with a deeper understanding of skincare. Within this, she also offers marketing, which is why her courses are unique, delivering results in the businesses of her learners. 

Hollie, who also owns an award-winning salon, Saks Beauty based in David Lloyds, Stockton-on-Tees, where she carries out expert skincare treatments in her professional day today. Her vision is to create a movement amongst the beauty industry that creates a higher standard of living for therapists and salon owners.  Her methodology is set to earn therapists a well-respected place in the skincare market. She believes the beauty industry as a whole is underpaid and aims to be the woman who is going to change the industry for her fellow therapists and salon owners. Delivering better results for the consumer and greater financial reward for the industry. 

What’s more, is that she offers free training videos to help skincare experts hit the ground running and is currently employing a new staff member to spread great skincare knowledge. Hollie suggests that by understanding the inner workings of skincare as well as what exactly is causing these issues, allows skin care professionals to become the most knowledgeable specialists. Her own thirst for knowledge and the frustration of it not being available in one place has led her down the route of developing it herself.

The courses available to skincare professionals are designed to elevate relevant people into expert practitioners in the skin industry. Hollie and the OSA team effectively describe how to leverage knowledge and expertise within their marketing strategies to lure in new greater clientele whilst creating significantly higher average bills, longevity in business, which subsequently increases profit.

You can check out the website and courses at the Our Skin Academy website for more information.