North East musician, Sam Dickinson, is to release his new single, ‘Diamond Skin,’ at the end of January (Friday 31), a pre-cursor for his upcoming album, ‘Off Script,’ due out later in the year.

Sam, whose last album dropped in 2013, returns to the music scene for what already promises to be a more than busy year for the Pride Radio presenter.

Speaking of his upcoming release Sam said: “Diamond Skin is a soulful, dance ballad, and is about both self-empowerment and self-worth whilst not living your life through or for someone else’s approval.

“It’s my first single release, as a single man, in almost a decade.

“I have been working with songwriter Hattie Murdoch for around five years and during a song writing session we explored experiences of break up and the result was Diamond Skin.

“The vocals for it were all done in one take.”

Sam’s previous release, ‘All We Are,’ was played on BBC Radio 2 by the likes of Alan Carr, Paul O’Grady and Graham Norton, the latter saying: “He just keeps getting better and better.”

On the back of that airplay, Spotify picked it up, and added it to their editorial playlists, resulting in it being streamed over a quarter-of-a-million times across all platforms.

Diamond Skin is expected to have similar impact and leave the listeners wanting more, Sam has also teased that there will be more tracks released over the coming months.

‘Diamond Skin,’ released on January 31, is the first single from the upcoming album, Off Script, expected October 2020.

You can download Diamond Skin from all usual outlets including iTunes, Apple Music & Spotify.

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