Passing your driving test is one of the most stressful things we will face as a young adult. With so much to remember and huge amounts of pressure, many people struggle to pass the first time, which is why we’re here to help! 

We’ve compiled data to work out ‘the perfect driving test’ based on the UK test centre with the highest pass rate, as well as the top-performing time and date, and Scotland comes out on top! 

Crieff Crowned Top Driving Test Centre With Highest Pass Rate in The UK


 You can view the full research here. 


Key Findings 


  • According to the calculator, August the 4th is the best day of the year to take your test with a 50.33% chance of passing. 
  • The 26th of December (boxing day)  is supposedly the worst day of the year to take your driving test with a 39.55% pass rate. 
  • Valentine’s day is the holiday with the lowest pass rate at 33.23%. 
  • Llandrindod Wells test centre in Powys was previously labelled as the best place to take your test, however, it has announced its closure this year. 
  • Crieff in Perthshire has been named the best place to take your driving test in the UK with a first-time pass rate of 74.5%.
  • Between 7pm and 9pm in the evening is the best time to take your test. 


The ‘Perfect Driving Test’


Based on our research, the perfect test would be taken at Creiff test centre in Perthshire on August the 4th between 7pm and 9pm. 


Top 5 UK Test Centres 

  1. Crieff, Perthshire 
  2. Ballater, Aberdeenshire
  3. Montrose, Angus 
  4. Berwick-On-Tweed
  5. Lerwick, Shetland 

Top 5 Days 

  1. August 4th 
  2. January 9th 
  3. December 30th 
  4. April 24th 
  5. July 23rd  

Top 5 Times 

  1. Between 7pm and 9pm 
  2. Between 9am and 11am 
  3. Between 7am and 9am 
  4. Between 1pm and 3pm 
  5. Between 3pm and 5pm