Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.53.52UK-based software development consultancy Scott Logic has launched an interactive online publication to help businesses make their way more easily through the minefield of technology choices open to them.

Tech Pulse is a pragmatic and experience-driven overview of the current tech landscape, created by Scott Logic’s 150+ passionate software developers, project managers, test engineers and user experience (UX) designers.

It covers the many tools, techniques, platforms and practices available, and offers an informed opinion as to their future direction, so business leaders can make the right technology decisions now, for the future success of their organisations.

Lead author of the publication, Scott Logic’s Technology Director Colin Eberhardt said: “Our findings are the collective opinions of an incredibly passionate bunch of people – Scott Logic’s developers, test engineers and UX designers.

“The technologies and practices covered in Tech Pulse include many we’ve experienced working with on client projects, written about in our technical blog posts and contributed to as part of the open source community.

“We hope readers will find the insight useful, as we advise them on the technologies we believe they should be using, those they might be using in the near future as technology evolves, and just as importantly, those which we feel should be retired as soon as possible!”

The launch of the Tech Pulse follows on from the success of Scott Logic’s online thought leadership hub, Knowledge: Unleashed,  which helps technical experts and novices alike to stay at the cutting edge of their field.

Colin added: “Collaboration is one of our corporate values at Scott Logic, as it’s central to the way we do business. Tech Pulse has been a collective effort by industry experts that have put a great deal of time into researching the many technologies out there, to help our clients and potential clients make the right choices and invest in the right things.

“Technology moves fast, so hopefully we’ll be able to make it an annual publication to ensure it remains fresh and useful.”

Visit Tech Pulse at to read the vital signs of the technology world. For more information on Scott Logic and its services, visit

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