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Screach Betting on Future of In-Pub TV Advertising

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 15.02.23Newcastle cloud based communication and entertainment platform Screach has announced Betway as its first strategic advertising partner. The undisclosed six figure deal will see the large gaming and sport book business’ ads displayed via Screach in pub screens across the UK.

Screach helps venues to increase profitability by using their existing TVs, customers’ mobile phones (via the Screach App) and music. In June, Screach announced a partnership with BT Sport where customers signing up to BT Sport Total will benefit from a free Screach Lite service designed to help pub owners drive footfall and sales through their existing TV screens.

To coincide with this partnership, Betway will sponsor Screach for the first 1,000 BT Sport Total customers and in return Betway will receive exclusive rights for gaming and gambling advertising on the Screach Lite channel for these venues. Betway will be able to promote the full spectrum of its gaming services, such as sport, including football and darts, casino, poker and bingo.

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach, said: “We’re delighted to announce Betway as our first strategic advertising partner for the launch of the BT Sport Total Screach Lite service. The Betway agreement is good for our customers as it allows us to provide our service completely free of charge for the first 1,000 pubs who sign up.

“With our increasing presence in pubs across the UK we are an attractive advertising option for the gaming sector, and indeed any business which markets to UK adults. We feel we are well placed to become the largest in-venue out of home advertising platform in the UK and look forward to announcing more advertising partnerships in the near future”.

Anthony Werkman, Marketing and Operations Director at Betway, said: “The partnership with Screach enables us to place our brand and product communications directly in front of our ideal target audience in pubs and on a platform they already engage with – TV screens. We really like the innovative nature of the Screach technology and although our initial relationship is only linked to 1,000 venues, we are looking forward to developing our relationship into the future.”

The Screach service is simple to setup and use – a Screach smart box is installed in the venue and connected to existing broadband, TVs and AV network, similar to the installation of a BT Sport or Sky box. It works the same as normal TV, showing entertaining and engaging content on screens to draw customers’ attention where landlords then display their own adverts and promotions helping drive footfall and sales.

For more information on Screach, please visit www.screach.com

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