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SergeantClip marches to success


May 21, 2017

A UNIQUE network and infrastructure cable management system invented by a North East IT expert is set to potentially save companies millions of pounds in downtime and loss of service.

SergeantClip was invented by 39-year-old Mark Costigan, who has years of experience designing IT networks and recognised the potential for human error when cabling was being replaced or switches were being swapped out.

And now his simple device is being used by major companies across the globe including heavyweights such as Amazon, Google, GCHQ and even NASA.

Mark developed the system over the last few years, after recognising that engineers removing huge amounts of cables had a lot of time consuming, painstaking work upfront to identify and document the correct ports to plug them back into. Even with lots of preparation human errors are still a regular occurrence in the industry.

“The potential for error in this situation is huge,” said 29-year-old Mark from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear.

“Someone innocently plugging a cable into the wrong port could literally bring an organisation to its knees and the implications from that can be horrendous.

“The SergeantClip removes that possibility and at the same time significantly reduces the time – and the cost – usually involved with this kind of work.”

The clip is slipped around the cables, making it straightforward to plug them back into the right space once the work has been completed. Risk of plugging them back into the wrong port is literally eradicated.

Orders for the SergeantClip have come from organisations including Disney Cruise Lines and the Las Vegas Police Department and it is also being used by a number of educational establishments in both the UK and the USA.

Mark’s hope is that long term the inclusion of SergeantClip will become an industry standard for any networking or cabling.

“My aim is that it will become an industry standard and they will be fitted and left in place as a matter of course going forward,” he said.

He is equally proud of the fact that it is a totally British product, having moved his tooling operation from China to Capricorn Mouldings in Telford.

“I wanted to try and ensure that the product was made in the UK and I’m extremely happy that I have been able to do that,” he said.

Further details are available at www.sergeantclip.com

By Emily