A North East based consultant in clinical and forensic psychology has written and released a book to help families going through separation and divorce, at the time of year many families find the hardest.

Post Christmas sees the biggest month of the year for the start of separation and family breakdown, so Dr P J Kennedy is keen for people to know about his book, which is written from a combination of his career knowledge and his personal experience.

Shining Child has been written to help both the parents and children going through such times. It reaches out with advice and guidance, practical suggestions and daily prompts that grow out of the need of every child to love and be loved.

Dr P J Kennedy, who has also published a number of delightful children’s books written and illustrated through the eyes of his daughter Lucia, said:

“As well as the knowledge I have complied through my own career, I wanted to incorporate what I learnt through my own experiences. I therefore offer my reflections with tenderness, compassion and love, as well as a healthy dose of practicality. The book will work well for anyone who works within the industry as well, such as family liaison, family solicitors and schools, where children need a lot of support if home life is difficult.”

In his working day, Dr P J Kennedy frequently performs assessments in cases in which children and families are involved in criminal or civil proceedings and where issues of personal injury, alternatives to custody, learning disability, reliability of defendant statements, risk assessment, childcare, child protection, parenting, fostering, adoption, residency and contact are significant. Clients include private law, Police, Solicitors, Courts, CAFCASS and other registered bodies. He has many published papers, and presents at conferences.

As well as Shining Child, Dr P J Kennedy has released a series of children’s books that are short stories with big lessons. They are all pulled together in Superstar Child, an anthology of short stories about a girl named Lucia. He concluded:

“Christmas is a hard time for many children in a house where the adults don’t get on. And separation is higher in January than any other month in the region. Hopefully Shining Child will help some families through this, and Superstar Child is just a delicious book to share with all children, all year round!”

Both books are available in paper back and kindle, from Amazon. More information and how to contact Dr P J Kennedy should you wish to work with him or contact him is on www.drpjkennedy.com