Should You Invest in an SEO Service?

Increased Website Traffic

Better Quality Traffic

Improved User Experience

Increased Brand Awareness and Authority


If you have a business, you will be well aware of the importance of building a strong online presence in today’s world. Yet, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, and unpacking what this actually entails, most companies barely scratch the surface.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of tweaks and optimizations to your site with the goal of driving organic traffic by ranking high in Google search results. Ranking high in search engines helps your site get discovered by users when they’re searching for keywords related to your niche, brand or products/services.

Appearing in the search ranks is actually only a fraction of what good SEO is all about, there are many layers to a good SEO strategy when done properly it can help advertise, sell, and build your brand for the long term.

Should You Invest in an SEO Service?

You may have started out by attempting to tackle everything In-house, as it seems the most logical thing to do when trying to keep costs down. The reality, however, is that it probably only reached limited results and even ended up more costly in the long run.

With the right techniques in place, however, SEO can be a potent digital marketing strategy, driving long-term results. With 55% of businesses turning to the professionals, here are a few reasons why it is now fast becoming a requirement:. . .

1.   Increased Website Traffic

Can you remember when you last painstakingly typed each character of a website’s URL into the browser?  Unlikely.

People turn to search engines for everything and the most popular of these search engines is, of course, Google. Every online business wants Google to know they exist and put them above their competitors, rather than the other way round.

Getting Google to deliver interested customers directly to your site, however, requires ongoing, considered SEO techniques that professionals will be up to date with as it’s their job!

2.   Better Quality Traffic

Optimization isn’t about tricking search engines into displaying your site.

What it is about, is getting your content out in front of the right people- those looking for whatever it is that your business offers. This is done by letting the search engines know exactly what your content is all about, giving you a much better chance of selling to those who are genuinely interested and in the catchment areas you need.

3.   Improved User Experience

Good SEO is about producing quality, relevant content. There are so many other sources of content out there, why should anyone find yours?

Content that reads well, sells, inspires, educates, and guides a customer through the buying process is the type of content that gets seen.

Good content such as blog posts or videos need to be presented in a cleverly designed website, contain quality backlinks, is easy to navigate and quick to load. It needs to be mobile friendly and equally easy for search engines to find. If expertly carried out, good content will add value for the user, consequently, improving your rankings.

4.   Increased Brand Awareness and Authority

As your brand appears across the internet in more places, awareness amongst customers will increase. Eventually, you could even gain ‘expert’ status which will continue to deliver long term gains for your rankings.


If you’re looking to build long-term success and value, working with a trusted, professional SEO service will be a decision well made. Business promotion and reputation building, therefore, depend on a successful and professional SEO service.

Pearl lemon has over 20 years of SEO experience under its belt and a track record of getting customers the results they want. If your curious to know what an SEO service in London can do for you, why not get in touch?

Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer, and editing machine. She is writing content for Pearl Lemon Properties. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbors or on a long afternoon walk