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Signs Your Faulty Boiler Could be Dangerous

ByDarshan Shah

Jul 9, 2020 #Business

A boiler is an important asset in any home because it helps keep you warm especially during the cold weather conditions. Like any other heating element you have at home, it is always good to ensure that your boiler is in perfect condition at all times. With the cold temperatures, you have the temptation to keep on cranking the heating up. However, this is a wrong action that can lead to damage to your boiler. You should be able to know when your boiler is faulty and pose great dangers. Here are major signs your faulty boiler could be dangerous. 

Boiler light blowing out frequently 

One of the signs that show that your faulty boiler is dangerous is pilot light blowing out frequently. This is a sign that the gas is not burning fully. More dangerous is a boiler pilot light that changes from bright blue with a yellow spot at its tip. If you find that it is producing a weak flame, it shows there is not enough oxygen for burning the fuel. This is an indication that there is a high amount of carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas. 

Black stain on the boiler 

At times you might see black stain on your boiler or near it. This might mostly occur on the ceiling. The presence of stain on or near the boiler is a great indication that there is a leak emanating from the flue. The emissions from the leaking boiler can have the deadly carbon monoxide. When you note this sign, have it assessed instantly. 

A strange faint smell

Note that carbon monoxide does not have a smell. However, in case it is emitted when the boiler is not burning in the right way, it will have a faint smell. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can be fatal or cause other severe health conditions. 

Heavy condensation where the boiler is installed 

If you note heavy condensation in the space where the boiler is installed, it shows that your boiler is not vented in the right way. The mist appears because water is one of the products emitted during combustion. In case the exhaust gases cannot leave the room, they might be released indoors. This increases the risk of carbon monoxide being unleashed. 

Bottom line

If you find any of these signs, in your house, have your boiler inspected and repaired immediately. Always ensure that the boiler is regularly checked and maintained by a professional. Find, this advice on nrmplumbingandheating.ie.

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