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SSI Workers Win £6.25m Payout

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 08.55.46Anna Turley MP responds to the news that SSI workers have been awarded £6.25m today by an Employment Judge in a court on Teesside. It is understood that the successful case today was taken on behalf of over 1,100 members by the steelworkers’ union Community.

Commenting on the news, Anna Turley MP for Redcar said:

Today’s ruling is a victory for former SSI workers who have repeatedly been treated unfairly by the Government. I welcome the decision to award meaningful redundancy pay to thousands of steelworkers, and it is right that we pay tribute to Community Union who have fought tooth and nail for the rights of its members.

The closure of SSI is testament to this Government’s total and abject failure. Over 3,000 people lost their jobs and their livelihoods immediately, including jobs in supply chain businesses. The knock on effect for other small enterprises, such as childminders and decorators, is even harder to quantify. Many ex-workers are still waiting for training courses or are applying for jobs.

The reparations that have been awarded, whilst welcome, will do nothing to replace the steelworks and the damage to the wider community following the closure of SSI.

The Government should be following the result of this case closely, and I plan to continue to raise these issues at every possible opportunity, working with my fellow Teesside Labour colleagues, so that this Government learn the lessons for the future.

I will keep battling and keep fighting for this vital industry.  I want to pay testament to others who are also fighting so hard, and to steelworkers in my constituency and around the country who refuse to give up on British steel.

Steelmaking is an industry with a future, and the sooner this Government realise that, the better.

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