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Stokesley School students spend a ‘Day in Business’

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 14.41.45Businesses around Hambleton are being encouraged to support local young people as they plan for their futures.

Stokesley School is actively working with its local business community on a number of ventures and is currently planning a ‘Day in Business’ for its year 10 students on June 14th and is hoping local companies can provide students with a variety of opportunities for one day.

Students will be matched to relevant local businesses for a work experience day and work across a variety of jobs finding out what they entail.

The Day in Business event is part of Stokesley School’s plans to engage with the business community to understand their recruitment requirements for the coming years and also provide them with opportunities to work with the school

Jayne Neal, business development manager at Stokesley School, said: “Our Day in Business is for our year 10 students to experience what it’s like in the world of work in their local community, experiencing different roles in a business and speaking to various staff. It’s all part of our school’s business engagement plans. We’ve been working with many businesses recently who are keen to recruit young, local talent and we have a great pool of skills here at Stokesley School with students so enthusiastic to experience business.”

Stokesley School recently unveiled its new-look ‘School House’ following thousands of pounds’ worth of investment, which offers a range of facilities for local small businesses, charities and voluntary organisations.

The school is now working with the local business community to exchange skills, advice and services as well as host networking events and develop partnerships.

For more information on the Day in Business contact Janine Harrison-Henry, careers advisor, at Stokesley School on 01642 710050 or

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