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Students enjoy new music facilities

CaptureYOUNG minds are scaling new heights as a North Yorkshire school invests in music.

Students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College are being encouraged to buck the national trend by pursuing their musical dreams using a host of new instruments and an updated recording studio.

“Scans show that the human brain lights up when performing music and it is the only discipline that uses the right and left hemispheres at the same time,” said music teacher Stephen Boyd.

“Music is both mathematical and creative at the same time; it improves IQ, enhances technical ability, memory, engagement and development.”

At a time when the Government is pulling back on the creative arts, Richmond School and Sixth Form College has invested in new keyboards, percussion instruments and guitars.

The recording studio has new microphones and interfaces to improve the quality of recordings inspiring young musicians to pursue a career in music or sound engineering.

Head of music Allison Brown said: “It is vital for the musical development of all our students that they have access to the highest possible quality instruments. They are relishing the opportunity to practise and perform and the impact is not just on their musical progress but also self-esteem, social skills and cultural development.”

Head of creative arts Ian Henderson added: “We have a strong ethos of high quality music making in our community.

“One of our goals is to underpin all the high profile events we provide music for with music-making in the classroom. Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment to try something new is very rewarding.”

Year 11 student James Metcalfe had high praise for the new equipment. He said: “It is great having top class guitars in the department – it stops the mad rush for the one decent guitar. It means everyone can do a good job in their practise.”

Year 8 student Nicholas Chapman added: “It is brilliant getting the chance to play, especially the bass in lessons. The new keyboards and microphones make the music sound complete.”

The school is always on the lookout for more instruments and would welcome donations from the community. For more information contact the school on (01748) 850111.

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