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Students receive diplomacy training to restore harmony in schools

Consultant in restorative practice Paul Moran spent the day with 22 students from The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form College, Leyburn, addressing ways of diffusing potential conflict.

The young diplomats will now share their experiences with classmates using their new powers of mediation as they move forward through education into careers.

Mr Moran told students that rather than ask ‘why’ when issues arose it might be better to find out what had happened, who had been affected and what could be done to reach an amicable solution.

Teacher Sophie Rainer said: “We had already done a lot of work at school around communications and body language. This session helped students address issues around personal responsibility rather than becoming involved in the blame culture.

“The students were fantastic; they were really engaged. It made them think and they really enjoyed it. They will now feedback to the rest of our students which will help them resolve any issues that might arise in the future.

“Because they are peer mentors, students are more likely to listen to them than if adults become involved, so the long-term benefits will be far reaching.”

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