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T-Rex vs Bus: The real life sizes of 10 dinosaurs from Jurassic World!

With the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, this new film has brought some of our favourite dinosaurs to the big screen once again. From newcomers like Dreadnoughtus to old fan favourites like the T-rex, a variety of prehistoric creatures will certainly make kids excited or curious about real life sizes and shapes will be

Interested in finding out how big each dinosaur would be in real life, Top10casinos.com collected size information on the height, weight, length of 10 popular dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Dominion and compared them to real items in our universe! 

Ranking Name of the dinosaurs Height (metres) Length (metres) Weight (Ibs) Similar weight to …
1 Dreadnoughtus 9 26 130,000 A max cargo weight plane like Boeing 777-300ER
2 Mosasaurus / 17 30,865 An empty helicopter like Boeing CH-47F
3 Tyrannosaurus rex 4 13 19,842 A big school bus
4 Giganotosaurus 4 13 17,637 A big loaded delivery truck
5 Therizinosaurus 6 11 12,000 Three Tesla Model S cars
6 Parasaurolophus 5 10 11,023 A civilian helicopter like Sikorsky S76B
7 Quetzalcoatlus 5 11 550 A motorcycle like Harley Forty-eight
8 Pyroraptor 2 2.5 400 A sports motorbike
9 Velociraptor 1.8 4 100 Three electric scooters
10 Atrociraptor 2 2.5 33 A bicycle

As the largest dinosaur featured in the film, Dreadnoughtus weighs about 130,000 Ibs, similar to a max cargo weight plane like Boeing 777-300ER!  They are also a frightening 9 metres in height and 26 metres in length, which means they would fill an entire basketball court in real life! This gigantic herbivore also weighed a staggering 130,000 Ibs, similar to the max cargo weight of a Boeing 777-300ER plane. 

In second place is the largest aquatic dinosaur in the film, Mosasaurus, who weighs over 30,000 Ibs, heavier than the empty weight of a Boeing CH-47F helicopter! They also can reach the lengths of 17 metres, similar to the length of a bowling alley! Although this popular sea monster plays a smaller role in Dominion, the movie echoes an iconic scene from previous instalments as the monster sets its sights on a boat full of sailors. 

Probably the most infamous dinosaur, the T-Rex ranks third place in terms of weight. It is as heavy as 19,842 Ibs, similar to a big school bus! It is also around the same size as a double decker bus, coming in at 13 metres long and 4 metres tall. Iconic to the franchise, the T-rex in Dominion has a thrilling confrontation scene with Giganotosaurus, bringing the power dynamics between these evenly matched dinosaurs to the forefront. 

Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest known flying animals to have ever lived, ranks seventh and weighs about 550 Ibs, similar to motorcycles like Harley Forty-eight. Despite its relatively small weight, it is as tall as a Giraffe (5 metres) and has a wingspan equal to the length of the average truck (11 metres). This flying giant appears as one of the many airborne terrors in Dominion, with the ability to take down planes with ease. 

In eighth place and making its franchise debut is Pyroraptor, a small bird-like predatory dinosaur. With a weight similar to a sports motorbike (400Ibs), they are about the same height as American NBA legend, Michael Jordan. The movie sees them take on the role of man-eating predator, as they race across a frozen lake in a scene that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

At the bottom of the table is the Velociraptor which is similar in weight to three electric scooters (100Ibs) and the Atrociraptor which is as light as a bicycle, coming in at 33 Ibs!

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